Saturday, September 19, 2009


One of my best birthday memories of this year happened without me, but I smile everytime I think of it. While we were in New York City my sister treated me to a spa treatment. So, while I was with her, Andy had to find something to do with the boys. They decided on the ESPN Zone, but first they made a quick stop into Sephora for a birthday present for me. The boys have been in Sephora with me before and ultimately it ends up with me, asking one of them, to stop playing with the make-up or the tester bottles of perfume. It's way too much temptation for two boys. But this time they asked some nice young woman to help them. So she took them to the bath and body section and my men stood there and smelled each and every type of bath wash to see which one fit me the most. They settled on the guava. And I'm here to tell you it was the perfect choice. They also gave me the spray oil and the body butter (which Matt said was just plain wrong to put butter on the body...somedays he is really brilliant and then others... I'm not sure about him). But the real kicker was the lipstick that they picked out for me. Ryan was quite concerned that it was too dark, since I usually just wear clear gloss. His concern just makes me smile more.

ilee has her new calendars up for 2010. They make great gifts and look great on your desk.

When visiting etsy I found these. I don't crochet but thought they looked really cute. Her shop has some cute stuff in it. It's Saturday...time to go shopping!

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

News From the Knitting Front!

Having the flu hit our house helped me to finish up this project. It's waiting on buttons, which really, literally, pulls the whole sweater together. And I do mean literally. Without the buttons, the sweater hangs off my shoulders in a big mess. I'm hoping I'm going to like it better once the buttons are on.

I'm also making another Wisp. I adore this pattern. This one is for a special friend.

Next up on my sweater list is this beauty from Berroco. I'm not usually a huge Berroco fan, but I love this sweater. I have different yarn that I bought when a local yarn shop was going out of business that I'm planning on using. I just need to get my kiddo back to school so I can go buy the pattern.

This last one is also from Berroco. I'm seriously thinking of attemping it. So cute. And will go well with those Frye boots that I'm coveting. I can even recreate this whole modeling scene, seeing that we have a hat (and a few woodpiles) like that around here. Actually, we have three of those hats, one for each male in the household. Next week...I promise...a finished picture of the cardie. Really!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Five Things...a little early.

Wow, I can't believe it's been since August that I visited this space. I knew I was behind, but not by that much! I guess we were just enjoying the last weeks of summer.

So without further adieu...may I present Five Things.

1. Our trip to NYC was as eventful as always. New for us this year was a stop in Brooklyn where we visited my sister's apartment and ate pizza under the Brooklyn Bridge. I felt like I was instantly transported to every movie that I have ever viewed as soon as I stepped under "the" bridge. Also, new was a trip to Chinatown, Little Italy and Dylan's Candy Bar. All a unique experience in its own right. And for those wondering, of course I went to Purl.

2. We finished out our summer in the Adirondacks. After four years of very poor weather we were blessed with a glorious week. Temperatures in the low 70's with not a cloud in the sky! The best quote of the week was from Ryan when he emerged from one of the cabins where all the "teenagers" were hanging out. Ryan to me, "Is this all teenagers do: hang around and talk? I want someone to play with me." As if we ordered it up, a mother bear and her three cubs came to join us on Sunday night while entertaining friends. The whole compound was mesmerized by these wild animals. My friend and I were the smart ones and stayed far away during the viewing.

3. School started the day after we returned from the mountains. First week was labeled a success! Both boys turned from me quickly and told me NOT to walk them into middle school. My heart broke, wishing for my little boys just once more.

4. So then my friend sent me this. My heart broke one more time. Then my mom sent me this managing to make me cry, again.

5. So I looked on the bright side and remembered that my husband was starting work on Monday and all was good in the world again!