Thursday, January 3, 2013

959 days...

I can't believe I've been gone from this space for so long. December always puts me into a frenzy and I never feel like I quite get to be where I want to be by Christmas.

But...I did do some thinking since I've been gone and decided that I'm not going to visit this space much more.  As the title says...959 days....that is how long I have until Matt heads off to college. I was quite shocked to see that it was under a thousand.  But wow! 959! I'm sure he would disagree, but I don't want to waste that time. It's fleeting and when I really think about what happens in those 959 days, I start to hyperventilate   Driving is right around the corner, proms, SAT's. AP tests, sports, college visits, college apps...etc...etc...etc.

I wanted to come back one last time to thank all of you that still visit here from time to time.  You have been faithful readers and have helped me through some highs and lows of my life.  I will never forget all the emails that I received when Andy was "retired" from his job and the support last year when Matt found himself in a pickle over a hockey incident.  You laughed with me as my boys have grown and helped me know that I was not alone in the rocky road of teenage hormones.  You've made me blush with compliments over my knitting and encouraged me to continue with my photography.

But most of all, I will never forget the friendships that I have made while in this space.  Some of you I've met in "real" life and others I still hope to meet.  Through those friendships, I've been supported in my parental decisions and I've been allowed to cry with you when times are difficult. 

So where does that leave me?  I'm certainly not going away from the computer.  I will be on Twitter, and Facebook. Pinterest and Instagram are my favorites. You can visit me over at Ravelry to see what I'm working on and I will leave my email up so you can contact me.  I promise, I will answer back.  Also, don't delete me quite yet from your blog readers.  You never know when I might pop back up with some interesting news!

Some of you know that I've finally held my breath and took that leap to start my own photography business. It's brand new and still in its infancy.  The support that I've had here in town has been great and I hope to line up some seniors for their school portraits.  This new chapter could only have happened had I not had this space. YOU...all of you, through your compliments and support encouraged me to embark on this next chapter of my life. 

Thank you to all of you for touching my life in such a wonderful way.
I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year!
2013 is going to be fabulous for all of us.  I just know it!

 Now, I've got to go.  There is only a few hours left and soon it will be only 958 days!
Time's a'wasting!


ps: remember, to take time to take pictures of you! your kids will thank you.