Saturday, February 21, 2015

...winter break

It's been a long, emotional week.
We have cabin fever big time!
Extreme cold with wind makes it miserable outside.

Hockey is finally over.
We lost our sectional game last night,
Today was pretty quiet around here. I didn't realize how it would hit us all.

But, there has been skiing.
Nothing will keep these guys off the slope.

And oh yeah, the other big emotional event!
Matt turned 18 this week!
I got up feeling pretty good on his birthday, thinking I would be strong! 
No big deal that I have an "adult."
But then I realized. This was his last birthday at home for awhile.
He'll be at school next year.
Oh crap.
This is going to be hard.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

...finding ways...

I'm not going to lie, this has been a long winter.
I've been trying to stay positive but it's been difficult.
So what have I been doing to help fight the winter doldrums.
Eating tons of greens!
I can't tell how much we love spinach around here. 

The sunrises have been spectacular, due to the sub-zero weather and the ice crystals on the trees.

Yes, I know it's out of season for most fruit.  But we are eating a lot of it and thinking of summer!

My poor leaded windows.  I fear one morning I will come downstairs and find that the glass has finally shattered from the cold.

Fires help. But I feel for the people that heat by wood.  Many are running out of the cords and cords that they ordered in the summer and fall.  What they have left is stacked under snowdrifts. And from what I hear in town, the people that sell wood are all out!

But, celebrations help!  Hockey Senior Day was this past Saturday.  Senior Day is special for every sport, but hockey parents like to do it up!  When you start driving your son/daughter around the state at a young age, the ending of it all is bittersweet. I've missed my time in the car with the boys. We had a lot of fun and spent time together every.single.weekend. 
Memories...they're something aren't they?

Monday, February 9, 2015


Today's word could not be more apropos!  Cocooned is what you would think we would do on this snowy February day, but not in our house! Even with the snow day called from school we have been out and about.
The boys went skiing.  I have been shoveling (yes, there is something wrong with that)! And later there will be a trip to the grocery store and the ice rink to pick up food and a hockey bag.
So, it's another typical winter's day here!
Stay warm everyone!

Friday, February 6, 2015

...from where i sit

I have one that pushes the limits of time in the morning. Eeking out that last second of sleep, only to rush through a shower and into the car to arrive on time.
It drives me crazy...but I've come to accept the whole situation.
So, as I was waiting, I sat. And what the sun provided me was good.

Have a good weekend...and I apologize for these awful grainy pictures.  We are all upgrading our phones next month! Woot!