Monday, February 9, 2015


Today's word could not be more apropos!  Cocooned is what you would think we would do on this snowy February day, but not in our house! Even with the snow day called from school we have been out and about.
The boys went skiing.  I have been shoveling (yes, there is something wrong with that)! And later there will be a trip to the grocery store and the ice rink to pick up food and a hockey bag.
So, it's another typical winter's day here!
Stay warm everyone!


MadMad said...

I have had enough of winter! Today was the last straw: the icicles began dripping through the walls (ice dams! yikes!) just as the call came that another snow day was being called tomorrow...

fjord girl said...

I had no idea you started blogging again Jane. I envy you with all the beautiful snow- it's raing here. Your huckleberry inspired me to bake as well! Happy to see you back in this space😊❤️

Andi said...

While it feels like forever since I have enjoyed a "winter", I can see where most of you would be wishing it away at this point.
You captured your cocoon in the most beautiful ways as always.