Monday, July 27, 2009

5 Things...

I love my kindle reader app for my iphone.

I could eat pizza every single night.

My boys make me laugh and...cry.

Currently, I'm reading Bad Mothers.

image courtesy of daisy jane

and I found this new site.

Happy week everyone.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's a Wrap...and a Sock!

A while back, my friends at flickr got to see a peak inside my knitting bag. Thankfully, knitting has commenced once again!

After, my husband was "retired" I sorta lost my mojo for knitting and had a really difficult time finding motivation to choose a project and stick with it. One day, as I was cleaning my desk, I found a long lost gift certificate to Jimmy Bean's Wool and decided to spend it recklessly on something that was, by far, the easiest project that I have ever made. Just a long rectangle with a seed stitch border. Easy, yet I know I will use this all the time during the summer and at the beach in April. The cotton is heavy like a nice warm beach towel. No kid prints will be allowed!
This will be all mine...ahhhh...

Mac and Me

Summer Wrap Blue Sky Alpaca's Dyed Organic Cotton

I plan on showing the finished project next week!

And finally, another set of socks are in production.

Monday, July 20, 2009

5 Things...

I love my zinnias in my garden.
Princess Diana walked five feet in front of me. Probably one of the highlights of my life!
I like to read predicable detective novels.

Wish I took this photo...but it's my son's.

I hate to fly.

photo courtesy of inklore

I've discovered inklore.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Round-up

Thanks for all the well wishes about my return. When the boys are kicking my butt, I'll be sure to pop in and re-read all the comments, a sure way to boost my self-esteem!

Summer camps started this week with something new: Crew! And it was a success! What a workout the boys gained from this experience. They came off the lake tired, hungry and very happy. They were together each morning-no old friends, which worried me a bit, since they tend to fight when there aren't any buffers. But, they surprised me and actually got along.

Mornings provide a bit of quiet time, which I wasted away with errands and cleaning. The key word here is QUIET! So, it really didn't matter what I was doing!

My friend Joslyn of Simple Lovely has started a new blog, Raising Foodies. Go check it out. She has two little ones that have documented cases of being a bit picky with their eating habits. My boys tell a great story of one of these cases...which we have many giggles over, then I remind them that not so very long ago they were on the hot dog diet and not the champagne and caviar diet that they have discovered this summer. Anyway, she has great recipes and is honest about her trials and tribulations of raising kids on healthy foods.

Have a great weekend...and have fun!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Summer!

Summer is in full swing here at Upper Pond. Late nights, sleeping in, golf, friends, hiking, boating and a very relaxed home has helped up to start the summer off with a bang.

As soon as school ended (and let me tell you, it seemed as if it would.never.end) we hopped in the car and made a mad dash to Washington DC. This destination has been on our to-do list for a very long time. We stayed in Alexandria, VA and made the short trip into (via the Metro) each morning. The boys loved every minute of our adventure.

Fourth of July turned out to be pretty cold around here. In fact the whole summer has been below average in temperature. But having good friends around, helped make the festivities warm in spirit!

My husband is still home, but has mellowed a great deal. He has been able to relax, do projects around the house, enjoy the boys and best of all smile again! I haven't seen his smile in a very long time and it reminds me of our earlier days together. Job offers are beginning to come in and it looks like we will not have to move. A welcome relief for the boys and quite frankly, us.

I've even picked up the knitting needles again, making me quite happy.

Not sure how often I will be around, but am working on some ideas for the blog once I find myself alone again. Enjoy!