Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hold on to your hats and have a seat! People, we have actual knitting content here at Upper Pond!
One of my goals for 2012 is to knit from the stash.  I have some good yarns sitting under my bed that need to be made into some goodness! Plus, I have items that have been sitting in my to-do basket just begging me to finish them.  Two out of the three finished items were knit from the stash!  I think I'm off to a good start!
 The brown hoodie is finally completed!
You might remember Matt's green one just like it.
 Ryan has worn it non-stop! So much so, that it's all ready pilling.  He loves it and that makes me a happy mom!
 I used Cascade 220 superwash.  It was the first time I used a superwash on a sweater this size.  I won't lie and tell you I wasn't a bit nervous to throw into the washer...but I did and it came out super soft and fluffy!
 Next up: Norby by Jared Flood.
I love, love, love this hat.  
Usually, I can't say that about the hats I knit.  
I did discover that I'm a fan of the slouchy hat!  
 This one was knit from the stash.  A couple of skeins of alpaca that I picked up at an alpaca farm around here!  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It's more blue than brown.  My photographer had to take this before he went to school and the lighting was poor.
It still needs another tassel and maybe a light blocking. But, in my book, it's done!
 Lastly, I started these socks in October.  Right when hockey season started.  It fell into the typical one-sock-syndrome and sat in the basket for awhile.  
I'm really not fond of the color and have no idea why I bought this colorway.
Matt told me they look like a snake print. 
They are however, really soft.  I lost the ballband (of course I did) and I think there might be some silk in these babies!
I did manage to make a ruffle scarf out of Kid's Silk Haze Creation.  I have never jumped on the ruffle bandwagon before, and really don't intend to ever again.  The scarf looks like a big boa and probably will look lovely with a LBD.  But, at the moment I don't anticipate any parties where LBDesses will be worn.
Due to some quirky ordering, I ended up with another skein of KSHC.  The color is black and I will never use it.  SO, if you want it, leave a comment, tell me what you are knitting and I'll throw all the names in a hat and pick a winner.  You just might end up with a special surprise thrown in!
I will close the contest next Wednesday, March 8th!

So what's next? I have another pair of socks to finish up, which I started in the 2010 hockey season and a sweater that I started in 2010.  Both items, I'm looking forward to picking up again.  I love the sweater and have since realized how to interpret the instructions on which I was stuck! It only took two years to wrap my head around it, but I finally got it!

If you need any additional details, stop on over at Ravelry and you will find all that you need to know!
Happy knitting!

Monday, February 27, 2012

5 things....

I sat and watched the Academy Awards with my oldest last night.  He was doing "research."  He wants to be a filmmaker in the worst way and he wondered what the award ceremony was all about.  We recorded it and he watched the end today.  The whole entire thing.  He got to the final award and was quite upset when they announced the winner. It was interesting to hear a fifteen year old's perspective on the boring speeches.  He wondered how they knew what to say and who to thank.  I explained that they knew they were nominated and had their speeches prepared just in case they win.
He thought that was a good plan and stated that he just might pee his pants when he's up there to accept his award in the future.
That's the way to do it Matt!  Set those goals!
 1.  We finally had a taste of winter this past weekend.  Truth be told, I didn't miss it one bit.
 2.  Hockey is finally over.  Matt already misses it.  Me, not at all!
 3.  I will have four! finished objects to share on Wednesday.  Hold on to your hats!  I've been busy!
 4.  I'm currently reading The Year We Left Home, by Jean Thompson.  It's a story about a midwestern family in the late 70's/early 80's.  Each chapter is a short story in itself.  Not sure where I found the recommendation, but, I'm really enjoying the story of the family.
5.  I made this for dinner tonight.  It's quick and easy and everyone enjoys it!
oh yeah, and I gave up alcohol for Lent....those wine bottles in the kitchen are driving me crazy!  Wish me luck!

enjoy the week everyone!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Link love...

I've meant to be here this week but everytime I sit down at the computer I hear my name being called. It's February break and the boys have been pretty bored.  Usually, they spend the entire week at the ski hill, but with the lack of snow, Ry's leg and the high incidents of accidents on the hill we have spent the week at home.  It's been a very, long week to say the least.
So, before my name is yelled again from somewhere in our house, I give you my links of the week.  

 I rarely make jam, but now I want to!
 I just love everything about this etsy seller.
 I would so love to see this exhibit.
What a camera sees.  This is a compelling documentary
And lastly, I know she must be someone of importance, but, this just doesn't do it for me.  The comments were interesting to read.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 things...or camera apps.

picture taken with the Lightbox app

I've been participating in the 366 day challenge over at Flickr.  The challenge is to take a picture for the whole year.  The theory behind the whole task is to ultimately improve your photography skills.  
I'm not sure I'm the best one for this challenge.  I succeeded two years ago with much angst.  I could.not.wait for December 31st to arrive to call it quits.  
Last year I failed.  I didn't even make it to February.
This year I'm trying again.  But, I wouldn't be successful if I didn't have my iPhone and all the cool camera apps that are now available.  Using my iPhone, I'm better able to  spontaneously catch the boys off guard.  They aren't too cool with the idea of posing for a picture anymore...sigh...
Here are a few of my favorite apps.  Some are free, others cost just a few dollars.
Let me know if you have a favorite one!

Lightbox-just discovered this one this past weekend.
Photosynth-this one is really cool.  It will take a full panoramic and stitch it together.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm flipping my Friday link love to today.  There are so many fun things out there to celebrate our love and I want to share some of my finds with you! 
I miss the Valentine's Day party, with all the little notes and hearts.  But, I'm glad my boys have missed out on what it has become.  I traveled the aisles in Target the other day looking at bag after bag of candy and realized that Valentine's Day has become the new Halloween.  My thought immediately turned to that of the teachers and hope that they say no to all the candy.  I know I would!

Enjoy your day and know that you are all my Valentines!
Thanks for stopping in!

 Check out Google today and go do something you love with your best buddy!
 Haven't made a dessert yet for your loved ones.  This one looks scrumptious!
 Need a last minute craft...Here's one!
I'm off to find our army men and place these strategically around the house.  Let's see if they notice!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Just popping in to say hello!
It's been a laid back weekend.
I saw these on Pinterest today.
Here's the recipe.
I'm trying hard to take an inspiration that I get from Pinterest and put it into action.
So far it's just been food, but hopefully, I'll be sewing later in the week.
enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

5 things...

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it's winter.  Today's weather is something that we don't usually see until late March or early April.  I discovered a primrose in my garden and the crocuses are almost ready to bloom.  Normally, I'm shovelling snow off my garden in hopes that it will thaw out by the end of April. 
Rumor has it that the local ski hill will close this week.  Too many accidents and not cold enough to make snow.  So far, I haven't skied once this season and by the looks of it I'm not going to.
So, it's on to a new week and some new thoughts....
 1.  We stayed home for the Superbowl this year....and I liked it that way.  I made plenty of food, we could watch in our comfortable clothes and enjoy the commercials (although, I really didn't like any of them) without listening through the noise of a party!  Perfect!
 2.  Matt has two more weeks of hockey! I really can't count this week as he is missing a few games due to a trip to Quebec with fellow French students.
 3.  I'm thinking it's going to feel strange not to have Matt around for the weekend.  
 4.  I need some new recipes that my family might enjoy.  If you have any ideas let me know in the comments.  I'm feeling sorta stale with my old stand-bys.
5.  Lastly, do you follow any celebrities on Twitter?  I've been laughing at Katie Couric's and Steve Martin's  tweets.  Sometimes I wonder if Katie's are really hers or her PR person.  Steve Martin's are definitely his.  Such dry, witty humor.
Who do you follow?

enjoy your week everyone! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Link Love...

Well, we made it through the first week.  Ryan is doing great and so is the rest of the family.  It has meant a bit of adjustment for Dad to step in and help with some morning responsibilities and that is always a good thing.  
Needless to say, I didn't get much done this week.  I'm always amazed at how little gets done when you have someone home "sick" from school. I always think I will have all this extra time because I'm staying home, yet the next thing I know, it's dinnertime.
I did have a bit of time on the computer and as always I found some fun links.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
 I thought these were really cute.  They would be great for gifts.
 Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Are you decorated yet?
 I keep coming back to this woman.  I'm intrigued by her.  I love her coat and especially her scarf. If I wore  my scarf like that I would look disheveled.  But this woman, oh no!
I leave you with this video.  Tucan/Grace is a student in Matt's school,  Her sister, Faith( sitting in front of the couch in the opening scene) is in Ryan's grade.  It's sorta fun for our whole community.