Sunday, February 12, 2012


Just popping in to say hello!
It's been a laid back weekend.
I saw these on Pinterest today.
Here's the recipe.
I'm trying hard to take an inspiration that I get from Pinterest and put it into action.
So far it's just been food, but hopefully, I'll be sewing later in the week.
enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


MadMad said...

I want a decorator to come make my house look like all the things you've pinned in pinterest... Love the kitchen, the porch, the sunroomy thing... man.

Holli said...

Dang, Jane! These look awesome. Just repinned. Thanks.

And your photos look much more appetizing than the recipe's photographs.

kristina said...

I do seem to spend an awful lot more time pinning than actually doing! Must do something about that. Those look delicious! K x

Pam - captured by our cameras said...

I make these muffins a couple times a month. They are easy enough to make on a weekday morning.

Rachel said...

YUM! I have the same thoughts on seems easy to waste so much time pinning what we want to do rather than spending time doing it. It's great to find inspiration and ideas...but we need to step away from the computer and actually do things! As with you, so far, most of what I've actually done from pinning has been related to food but plans are being made to change that!