Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm flipping my Friday link love to today.  There are so many fun things out there to celebrate our love and I want to share some of my finds with you! 
I miss the Valentine's Day party, with all the little notes and hearts.  But, I'm glad my boys have missed out on what it has become.  I traveled the aisles in Target the other day looking at bag after bag of candy and realized that Valentine's Day has become the new Halloween.  My thought immediately turned to that of the teachers and hope that they say no to all the candy.  I know I would!

Enjoy your day and know that you are all my Valentines!
Thanks for stopping in!

 Check out Google today and go do something you love with your best buddy!
 Haven't made a dessert yet for your loved ones.  This one looks scrumptious!
 Need a last minute craft...Here's one!
I'm off to find our army men and place these strategically around the house.  Let's see if they notice!


free range chick said...

Oh I love your images today Jane...so fresh and beautiful!I'll have to keep that craft idea in mind...I loved the heart garland you posted a few years back!
Happy Valentines!

magnusmog said...

We completely forgot that it was Valentine's Day. I think that is what happens if you don't go shopping on the weekend before Valentine's.
Or we have no romance in our lives but I'm pretty sure that's not true!

MadMad said...

Oh, you're totally right: it is the new Halloween! Crazy!

Kristyn Knits said...

I hope you found your army men! Perfect for showing love to our boys!!

Alexis said...

Thanks for linking to my Army Men!

judith said...

thanks for your comment Jane. After a very long pause it's fun to start over with a new format!