Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I Made A Pie... by Upper Pond
I Made A Pie..., a photo by Upper Pond on Flickr.

This is about all I've made in the last week. I've been working on my crust and this one was pretty good.

Also, testing out the new buttons on flickr. Nice new feature to share your pictures to other social networks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

5 things...

Typical Monday-getting things done. Five bags to the Salvation Army today. I finally got my husband to go through part of his closet. We have more to go, but I feel that we are on our way to clearing out the stuff that we don't need anymore.
1. Everyone was healthy this weekend!
2. But my husband woke up today with a cold. That's worse than having both boys home sick at the same time.
3. I have to keep looking up or I
4. see this. Man, it's taking a long time to melt this year.
5. My porch is patiently waiting for the table and chairs. For neighbors and new friends to come sit, chat and enjoy a glass of wine.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Link Love...

No wonderful spring pictures to show you this week...the weather has slipped back into winter mode. Add two sick kids to the mix and my week was pretty much shot. Everyone is healthy again, but the weather still hasn't received the memo about Spring. Hopefully it's just buried on Mother Nature's desk and she will discover it soon.
Here are some great ways to make buttermilk or use a substitute when you discover your recipe needs it and you are halfway through the mixing of the ingredients. Not saying you've ever done this, but I can attest that I've been there once or twice.
I saw these the other day and reminisced about how I use to put cute little things into the boys' Easter baskets. Thought these were wonderful for little children.
This is on my list to make this Spring...I mean really, how hard can it be?
Got a cake to decorate? Love these. So happy and fun!
And oh, how I dream of doing this sometime soon.

Happy weekend everyone.

Monday, March 21, 2011

5 things...

Here's to another week....another seven days closer to the beach. yippee!

1. We watched the moon on Saturday. It was big, but I think I'm partial to a late summer's moon. Maybe it's because we are usually still in the Adirondacks when it appears. There's nothing better than seeing it come up over the mountains and shine upon the lake.
2 We are loving the extra light in the evening.
3. The boys have been wearing shorts...thinking it's summer. Lot's of boys on the trampoline. It's fun having everyone around again.
4. Mud season has arrived in full force. The snow is slowly melting away leaving treasures on the lawn. Found the shovel that we were looking for and the lawn has been properly fertilized by our dog.
5. The stomach bug finally caught up with us here at Upper Pond. Word of advice for those of you that have younger children: when they want that uber cool shag carpet for their room- know that it's a b*&%th to clean after a midnight vomiting session. Just sayin'
Have a good week everyone!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Link Love...

This week the PTA hosted a morning presentation discussing technology in the classroom. The teacher that presented is an outstanding teacher and did a great job with the parents that attended. One of the terms he used was "digital native" as he was describing our students. I've been thinking a lot about that term and what it means for my boys. This connected world is the only world they know. Sorta bittersweet if you think about it. Waiting is not in their vocabulary. Whatever they want is at the touch of a button. I often wonder, how to tap into that spirit and how to slow it down a bit too.
The here and now generation has a great amount of energy. I see it in my kids all the time. They dream something up and run to the Internet for research. BUT, if it can't be attained at that moment, the disappointment can be monumental. How do we teach our kids to be patient, resilient, calm and understanding? To know that at times they must wait, or maybe even fail.

This past week's events have caused me to pause and examine how different the world is now from when I grew up. I grew up with many of the same events my kids are experiencing: a war, recession, gas lines, fear of a nuclear episode, be it from enemies or a nuclear meltdown. But, there is one huge difference. I didn't have it in my face all. the. time. Sure I thought about it, discussed it with my friends, wore the silver POW/MIA bracelets, and did sheltering drills in school. And then I went my way, playing outside until my mom rang the bell to come home.
So, I think kids are resilient more than we think. In fact, I think they are probably numb from all the information that they know. My kids ask questions, know a whole lot more than I did at their age and still play outside. My thought is, are they so over saturated from the information that they don't even process the information anymore.
With this 24/7 connection, do we need to have them step away, so they can learn the idea of compassion and kindness-or is that being built into them as they see and hear of these events?
Forgive me for my ramblings. Just some things that I've been thinking about. I couldn't post links for fashion or food today. Today, I'm lucky to be a mom, daughter, wife, sister and friend to those around me.
I'll be keeping those in Japan in my thoughts as they recover and will continue thinking about my boys as they navigate through this ever-changing world.
Some places to donate for the Japan disaster.
Also, please remember that New Zealand and Haiti are still recovering from their disasters.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I bet you just want to run and get a tall glass of milk or a cup of coffee to dunk one of these beauties into it. They do look all nice and soft with just the right amount of chocolate to take care of that craving you've had all day.

But, really they look like this. A hard, gummy, chewy mess. Not sure what happened and I will probably be the one to eat them all, because, you know, they look different. This looked like a keeper of a recipe. In the magazine they looked divine. Just remember, that I was the one to tell you to just keep on going. Turn the page and be thankful that I saved you a few extra calories.
My day was good...really it was, except for the cookies above and not being able to get my camera to register the right green of the sweater that I'm making for Matt. It's green. Sorta, heathery, camo, forest green. It's boring to knit. But...he has asked repeatedly. It needs to be done in 29 days. Because that's when we go south and he wants to bring it with him. really? I don't question my fourteen year old anymore. His brain just isn't functioning correctly most days. So I knit on...and give you an artistic shot for your enjoyment.
Enjoy your making.

Monday, March 14, 2011

5 things...

Whoa...another busy weekend. You would think we would have slowed down a bit since we were all done with hockey, but of course we didn't! We decided to do everything that we haven't done because of hockey. Add in a hour gone missing and the weekend was gone!
1. Even though hockey was over, we still went to two hockey games this weekend. It was great fun to see our high school boys' hockey team win the state title for small schools. All the younger hockey kids sat together and helped cheer on the team. Great fun and a great accomplishment for hockey in our area.
2. Grades are giving my oldest a bit of a run around. He's needing to hit the books a bit more than usual and that's proving difficult for him. He's never really had to work for his grades so this is new for him. Of course, it's all my fault (how? I have no idea, but it always is) so when I call him on it...oh boy, watch out.
3. We still have a lot of snow, evidenced in the picture above. I'm crabby about it.
4. I just finished watching Season One of Downton Abby. Oh my! So good. Can't wait for Season Two to hit Netflix.
5. I've been forcing myself to learn Photo Elements 9. Not g0nna lie, it's difficult. I have found many online videos to help and am slowly plodding my way through.

Happy week everyone!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Astor

The first time I saw Astor was on Leslie. Then Sarah knit her. I actually saw Sarah's on her in person back in the Fall and knew that I needed to knit her. Then, recently, Rosemary finished hers.

It's warm and comfortable and I like that it's a cardigan.
It will be perfect for the change in seasons...

Monday, March 7, 2011

5 things...

Wow! What an amazing, action packed weekend! The boys both had hockey tournaments to end their year. Matt's team went farther than they thought possible and lost in the semi-finals. Ryan's team fought hard in each and every game which also landed the team in the semi-finals. Unfortunatly, they lost in overtime 2-1. It was a great experience for both boys and memories were made which will last a lifetime.
1. We woke today, to find that Mother Nature has a very sick sense of humor. Approximately two feet of snow was dumped on us last night. My back is sore and I'm crabby. The sun came out this afternoon which helps a bit.
2. I spent the last four days with Matt. It was great fun and not one conflict occurred. We talked and laughed and ate every meal out. It was wonderful.
3. I'm thinking about paint colors for our family room. Maybe a grey or gold. It's hard to pick because I have dark cherry woodwork and floors. What's your favorite color? Suggestions?
4. I need to figure out what to have for dinner...but I'm procrastinating here in this space.
5. Maybe I'll go read for a bit and it might come to me.
Enjoy the week everyone.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Astor is drying! So pictures soon! I think we are going to be very best friends, yes indeed!
So what else have I been making? How about these sinfully delicious cupcakes. Found the recipe while looking for yet another chicken recipe. If you like chocolate and cream cheese, these are for you!
I started a sock a few weeks ago while at Ryan's games. I didn't have anything to do while waiting, so I walked over to the yarn shop, that was conveniently located a block away from the hockey rink and bought some needles and yarn. The colors definitely remind me of the the upcoming change in seasons. My hope is that I won't have to wear socks for too much longer!
And lastly, I want to share this great little ipod case that Rebecca made. She is the owner of the blog called Poshyarns. She ran a contest a month or so ago and I was the winner! I'm constantly losing my phone in my purse, so this will be just the thing to help me keep track of it. Thanks Rebecca for your sweetness and please go say hi to Rebecca. She creates the sweetest things for her family.
What are you all working on?