Monday, March 14, 2011

5 things...

Whoa...another busy weekend. You would think we would have slowed down a bit since we were all done with hockey, but of course we didn't! We decided to do everything that we haven't done because of hockey. Add in a hour gone missing and the weekend was gone!
1. Even though hockey was over, we still went to two hockey games this weekend. It was great fun to see our high school boys' hockey team win the state title for small schools. All the younger hockey kids sat together and helped cheer on the team. Great fun and a great accomplishment for hockey in our area.
2. Grades are giving my oldest a bit of a run around. He's needing to hit the books a bit more than usual and that's proving difficult for him. He's never really had to work for his grades so this is new for him. Of course, it's all my fault (how? I have no idea, but it always is) so when I call him on it...oh boy, watch out.
3. We still have a lot of snow, evidenced in the picture above. I'm crabby about it.
4. I just finished watching Season One of Downton Abby. Oh my! So good. Can't wait for Season Two to hit Netflix.
5. I've been forcing myself to learn Photo Elements 9. Not g0nna lie, it's difficult. I have found many online videos to help and am slowly plodding my way through.

Happy week everyone!


RW said...

the whole hitting the books thing is challenging.
happy learning with photoshop.

kristina said...

I was so enjoying Downton Abbey while I was home in America, but we can't get it here (in England!) through our DVD rental company--so odd. And what do you think of the new Barefoot Contessa book (spotted in the first photo!)?

K x

kristina said...

Love the last flower photo. K x

MadMad said...

We loved Downton Alley, too. (In fact, I kid my husband about it mercilessly, his fascination for what really amounted to a chic flick...)

rosemary said...

Yay for the hockey team! It's such a good feeling when a home team does well. Haven't heard of Downtown Abbey...will have to look into that. To answer your question, no we don't get a week off in February, not even a single day, which makes for a VERY long month!

Nancy / summer sky said...

Another Downton Abbey fan--they are just now starting to film the second season so it will be a whole year before we get to see that in the US. Also they are going to do a holiday special. I can hardly wait ~

You are brave to learn Photoshop. I have Elements 7, and I find it quite daunting. I only use it for the most basic things.

Gigi said...

Your photos are beautiful -- looks like you're doing very well in learning new techniques! I'm a total coward about trying Photoshop -- maybe someday ;).
Loved Downton Abbey too! Looking forward to the next season.

ColorSlut said...

I see Barefoot up there - DANG I love her cook books. SO MUCH BUTTER!!!!!

michele said...

i love, love, love your delicate flower photographs and also the one with the clock.

Poshyarns said...

Downtown Abbey has been my favourite TV in ages, so glad you are enjoying it and totally in awe of your Photo Elements 9 learning, I am way too scared.