Friday, November 25, 2011

Taking a Break

The world has been catching up with me these last few weeks.  Two boys in three different hockey programs, the holiday season arriving too quickly and planning for a huge surprise. 
Now that the boys are older we are transitioning into new and different holiday traditions,  
I envision out holidays (I know I shouldn't type this, but here goes) a little more laid back and not as hectic.  
I'm hoping to enjoy myself a bit more...we'll see.
But with that laid back attitude, I've decided to take a few things off my plate until January.
One of those things is this space.
I love it here and the people that it has connected me to, but I also need to get a few things done.
I will still be around and most certainly, I will be reading your blogs, but maybe not commenting.
I will still be at Flickr, Pinterest and of course at Twitter.

Until January, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you in 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 things

Try as I might to post three days a week, I just can't seem to get here.  I've been working hard to stick with a list each day and  not to stray far from it.  Cutting computer time is a major component of making the list work.  Maybe if I add blogging as one of my things to do, I might make it here more often.
 1.  I painted my nails the other day.  For some reason this fascinates my youngest.  
 2.  No, this isn't "occupy upperpond." It's the boys' treehouse, built with their own hands.  It looks a little shabby now that the leaves are down.
 3.  Another warm day for November.  I'll take it!
 4.  Christmas shopping has started.  Sticking to a list this year and trying to avoid trips to the mall.
5.  The cross country dinner was held on Monday.  Matt received his first Varsity letter.  He was pretty excited about the whole event.  I remember the first time I received mine.  I was glad to see that they still hand them out.  A wonderful tradition for any athlete.

enjoy your week everyone!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 things...

Have you been to Habit this month?  Good stuff is happening over there so be sure to check it out.  
Holiday planning has started and I swear I will be organized this year...really, I will.  I have too.  My husband finally set the date for his surgery and it falls right at the beginning of December.  No help from the big guy this year!
I've been picking up my camera again.  I had no use for it in October and it sat on my counter like an ugly sore.  Not sure where the inspiration went, but I'm glad it's back.
Hope your week is off to a good start.
 1.  I'm happy that the mornings are brighter.  Makes for easier mornings around here.
 2.  The painting bug is going around.  Hopefully, I will have pictures soon of my foyer.
 3.  Cross-country is over and Matt did an awesome job for his first visit to sectionals.  Now if I can get him to cross-country camp this summer it will be a huge win!
4.  The weather is still mild around here.  I'm happy with it, but the boys are itching for snow so they can latch on their skis.

5.  I'm sorry to hear that Joe Frazier and Andy Rooney passed away.  Both remind me of my childhood.  
Before cable, boxing was a huge family activity.  I can remember gathering around the television watching the fights. Probably so not PC these days.  And of course, who doesn't remember a Sunday night with Andy Rooney?

enjoy the rest of the week everyone!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I finally made a hat.
Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions.
I started out making Habitat, but had to rip it out a few times and thought that it was a sure sign that it was not meant to be at this moment. I will come back to it...when it's quiet and peaceful...maybe January.
It's a design by Jared Flood.  
I think next time I might make it a bit smaller as it's a bit slouchy.  I'm not one for slouchy.

Oh, and I've made this and this last week.  Both were well received and will be made again.
What are you making?