Friday, November 25, 2011

Taking a Break

The world has been catching up with me these last few weeks.  Two boys in three different hockey programs, the holiday season arriving too quickly and planning for a huge surprise. 
Now that the boys are older we are transitioning into new and different holiday traditions,  
I envision out holidays (I know I shouldn't type this, but here goes) a little more laid back and not as hectic.  
I'm hoping to enjoy myself a bit more...we'll see.
But with that laid back attitude, I've decided to take a few things off my plate until January.
One of those things is this space.
I love it here and the people that it has connected me to, but I also need to get a few things done.
I will still be around and most certainly, I will be reading your blogs, but maybe not commenting.
I will still be at Flickr, Pinterest and of course at Twitter.

Until January, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you in 


kristina said...

Sounds very sensible. Best wishes for a very happy holiday season and will look forward to another year of fabulous blog posts in 2012!

K x

MadMad said...

Hope the season is everything you dream it will be! Take lots of pics - can't wait to see them!

RW said...

Enjoy your break.
Pax to you and yours.

Rose said...

Happy Holidays! I'll miss you but totally get it!

Rachel said...

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it was just until after the holidays! Have a great holiday season and try not to stress out too much!

BTW--would love to follow you on Pinterest...could you shoot me your user name? ;)

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Not a bad idea. I might take a break myself. Enjoy your time away.

free range chick said...

I wish you peace, joy and space Jane this holiday season.
(I do know the feeling)
From one mama to another mama.....I found this book to be so awesome and helpful-"Parenting Teens with Love and Logic": Preparing Adolescents for Resposible Adulthood- by Foster & Cline.

Did you go the wool festival in Rhinebeck?

Lots of baking, skiing and knitting for me this holiday.
Merry Christmas Jane
-love to you and yours

amy said...

missing you. xo

Sandy said...

i miss you already! have a nice break from the blog, but please come back soon.
wishing you all a wonderful and merry christmas, jane!