Saturday, February 28, 2009

Christmas Socks

So it's almost March and I'm finally posting about my projects that I made for Christmas. The only people left, who had not received socks in our family, were my brother and sister-in-law. They live in Dallas so the need for wool socks is not all that great, but they do travel North on occasion and I wanted them to have warm toes. Specs are below. I do have to say I loved the Berroco Sox yarn on the right. So sturdy and softens up nicely when washed. Not sure about the Trekiing pro natura on the left. It was splity to work with. I haven't asked my SIL how they are wearing. Will get back to you on that! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Purple Socks
basic 3x1 rib
Trekking pro natura
75% new wool
25% bamboo
60 stitches
size 1 needle

Blue Socks
basic 3x1 rib
Berroco Sox
75% superwash wool
25% nylon
68 stitches (i think)
size 1 needle

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday!

Whew...not sure where February went to. It's been a busy month around here. Hockey has been in full swing but winding down too. We had a Winter Recess that allowed us to tag along with my husband to sunny Florida and we celebrated Matt's birthday!

Matt turned twelve less than a week ago. This past year has all the hormones kicking in at high throttle. Emotions are close to the surface, friends are wonderful one day and mean the next and parents are slowly turning into knowing all to knowing absolutely nothing. It's exciting to watch, yet maddening, sad and frustrating all at the same time. Patience has become a staple in my vocabulary as of late. Some days it all works out for the best and others, well, we just muddle through.

We couldn't be prouder of Matt. He's a high achiever in everything he touches (well maybe not his room, but he can't be great at everything), has a great sense of humor, is sensitive to those around him (again needs to work on this with his brother) and just gobbles up knowledge at an alarming speed. His creativity astounds us. He love photography and making movies. He sets goals and sticks with them. Can't ask for much more from this kiddo.

So we wish Matt a Happy Birthday and for a year full of exciting opportunites, kind friends, and a smooth transition into the teenage years, for both him and us!

We love you Matt!
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random iphone pictures

Did you ever pick up your phone and wonder who's been playing with it? The other day I was waiting yet again and clicked onto my pictures to find some new wallpaper and found these. First up: Me driving in crappy weather yet again. I was probably trying to concentrate and yelling at the boys to put the new iphone down so it wouldn't drop in the slush that collects on the back floor mats.

Then there were the fish at the dentist's office. Lovely!

Hi Brandon! This is Ryan's good friend at the hockey rink. Taken by Ryan, of course!

Beautiful snow pictures taken on the way to another hockey game...I think the sun was just coming up and we had been driving for an hour already.
And then I found these. Me knitting...this one's okay. Look I'm even wearing a handknit scarf. Sorta clashes...but what the heck it's the hockey rink.
Then me again! Same color sweater...different style. I didn't realize until I saw these pictures that I wear this color so often. Forgot my glasses that night so I'm stretching my arms out to see the stitches.
But then there's this one! I'm wondering (and betting that the answer is yes) if this is the way I present myself for the world to see each evening at the hockey rink. Tired and waiting...waiting...waiting for the season to end!