Saturday, February 28, 2009

Christmas Socks

So it's almost March and I'm finally posting about my projects that I made for Christmas. The only people left, who had not received socks in our family, were my brother and sister-in-law. They live in Dallas so the need for wool socks is not all that great, but they do travel North on occasion and I wanted them to have warm toes. Specs are below. I do have to say I loved the Berroco Sox yarn on the right. So sturdy and softens up nicely when washed. Not sure about the Trekiing pro natura on the left. It was splity to work with. I haven't asked my SIL how they are wearing. Will get back to you on that! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Purple Socks
basic 3x1 rib
Trekking pro natura
75% new wool
25% bamboo
60 stitches
size 1 needle

Blue Socks
basic 3x1 rib
Berroco Sox
75% superwash wool
25% nylon
68 stitches (i think)
size 1 needle


TD wool design said...

everybody can use socks! these look great. bamboo huh?
love your new header. refreshingly spring...i need that. it's time!

juju said...

We love our socks and we especially love that you mind them with your own two hands...I am so envious of your craft! And I wear them all the time (its was 32 in Dallas last night!). Thanks again!

t does wool said...

I'm just happy you finally showed us! beautiful!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love your socks. I have my first real pair on the needles right now so I'm curious to see how the yarn you used is wearing :)

MadMad said...

They're gorgeous! I had issues with Pro Natura, too... mainly that I felt like I was walking on tiny little bumps all day long and my feet felt like they'd been rubbed RAW... (Oops - you probably don't want to hear that, I'm sorry!) BUT, someone I told this to suggested using a smaller needle to avoid this, and it looks like you did, so your gift recipient should be all set. I hope.