Friday, May 28, 2010


A calm reflective moment for my "guy in motion."
Never a dull minute around here with this kid.
Laughing, joking, jumping, spinning.
Doing things his way, in his time, yet it all gets accomplished.
He's in a much happier place this year and it shows in all he does.
He's worked hard over the year, maturity has played a large part.
We're proud of his accomplishments and oh, so glad he's in our lives.
Happy Birthday Ryan!
It goes without saying, we love you tons!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm here! But running fast! It's that time of year again: school projects, field trips, gardening, end of year finals and the list goes on!

I've been planting pots!


Watching endless baseball!

Enjoying the bees!

Moving mulch!

and watching the flowers grow!
I hope everyone out there enjoys the end of the year and the relaxation that it brings with it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

5 things...

I was looking through some of my old pictures the other day and discovered a whole bunch that I had forgotten about. Since I've been busy with life and not able to take any recent pictures of my garden, you'll just have to settle with some old ones. And now, on with the five!
1.  I've been worrying about Ryan and his ears.  He's an ear kid and has had difficulties since he was three.  Surgery has been postponed due to a cold, which has made his ears quite painful.  He's a pretty brave kid in my book.
2.  I can't wait for the end of the school year.
3. John Grisham has a book coming out for middle schoolers.  I'm intrigued and hope my guys want to read it.
4.  I want to make sangria this weekend.

5.  I'm putting together a summer playlist.  What are you listening to lately?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Total Slacker Post

I've got nothing but pictures. This week found me  trying to finish up my tea leaves cardi and reading The Help.  Add that to the gardening and that pretty much sums up the week.  Enjoy your weekend and hopefully, I'll having something much more interesting next week!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 ponder

Matt and I are in "discussions" over his viola. He has been playing for four years and he wants to call it quits...or so he says. Which leads me to wonder...

1. I wonder if I'm hesitating because I'm the mom and he should do as I say?

2. Or is it because I think he can ride out the teasing from his friends?
(He's one of four boys in the entire seventh and eighth grade orchestra.)
3. Am I trying to teach a lesson about sticking with something?
(If that's the case, is four years enough?)

4. Or is it, that I will not let sports overtake everything?

5. Maybe he does indeed really "hate" it as he says and I should just listen.
Pictures courtesy of Mother's Nature's gift on Sunday. Not sure what we did, but she surely was not happy with the moms in my neck of the woods.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Historically, Mother's Day has not been a stellar day around here (I'll also add my birthday in here too).  It's too much pressure for my boys.  They try, oh they try, not to fight and whine, but, it doesn't work and we usually end the day tired and worn out from the stress of it all.  
As my kids grow, I realize that Mother's Day isn't important to me at all.  It never really was. Being a mom is about raising children to be polite and considerate, loving and kind.  Compassionate towards others. Gentle.

My Mother's Day occurs when:
I receive compliments about my boys,
there's laughter in our house,
they make awesome plays in baseball,
I see them help a friend,
and help each other.

My Mother's Day is when:
they help around the house(and they weren't asked),
school mornings go smoothly,
they read and learn,
we eat as a family,
and all are home and quiet.

My Mother's Day is:
having the boys sit with me 
and we just
discuss stuff.
Gentle teasing about girls,
Still getting a hug and kiss when not looking.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  Enjoy your weekend!


Monday, May 3, 2010

5 things...

1. I'm in the sewing mood.

2. I made sugar cookies last week. It's a great recipe...go, make them!

3. I saw this idea in this month's Country Living. I'm on the lookout for six vases that are all the same.

4. The situation in the Gulf of Mexico makes me sad...really sad.

5. and lastly...these two pictures are here. Opening night was this past Friday. My first gallery showing! I wanted to show the boys, that I too, could step out of my comfort zone and way out I did!