Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baseball Socks 2012

Each year during baseball season, I pull out my sock yarn and knit a pair of socks.  They are easy to carry to the games and don't make me sweat as much while I endure cheer on the boys. 
 This year was no exception.  My goal is to knit through some of the miles of sock yarn that I have stashed here and there around the house and knit up socks for everyone! I grabbed a manly color and got knitting.  Seeing that this sock was meant to be for one of the boys I added a few more stitches and knit a bit longer in hopes of producing a sock that fit.  Which it does, no problem! So what then is the problem? Sadly, I don't have enough yarn.  I thought I did. I really thought I had another skein.  But as I tore through my stash yesterday I only came up with this red.  

So, tonight I will rip the sock out, go up from size one needles to size three, keep my standard stitch count and add red on the cuffs, heels and toes.  I hope that will solve the problem. At this rate, the baseball socks will turn into hockey season socks.  
Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Link Love

My pictures just sing summer this week!  It's been a fast paced, action packed start to vacation.  I'm looking forward to settling into a summer routine filled with a few camps, a job for the oldest and lots of time spent with friends.  Hope you are all staying cool and enjoying this beautiful weather. I'm off to the farmer's market.  Blueberries and raspberries are on my list!
 These are going to be made this week!  But first, I need to buy the molds.  
 I'm in love with this site.  This post did not disappoint.  Shrinky dinks for adult jewelry!
I'm not on the wedding circuit of late.  But this would be  a great wedding present or shower gift.  
We are thinking about installing a rain barrel.  We  are on a well and in the dry years need to preserve our water.  This might be an option for us!

enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

We are off celebrating the birthday of our Nation!
136 years young!

Monday, July 2, 2012

5 things....

Saturday, Andy took the boys and their friends out tubing on the lake.  I decided not to go as I tend to get a bit nauseous when they have the boat spinning in circles in order to get bigger waves.
As I was sitting, waiting for them to come back I discovered that I didn't know any of the parents sitting at the beach.  I've officially become one of the older moms.  The mom that sits out of the fray of the toddlers and elementary school kids.  The one that can actually relax while sitting near a body of water. The one that doesn't turn her head when she hears "Mom" being screamed at the top of someone's lungs and the mom that doesn't  go running when she hears a piercing scream and crying.
It was a bittersweet feeling.  I'm sad that our days of summer are not spent on that sandy beach anymore.  Days of digging holes and swimming for hours until their fingers were wrinkled from the water.  Gone are the many days of grilled cheese sandwiches and snacks from the beach bag.
But as I watched this new generation of parents and their little ones I was happy that we were part of the long tradition of families on that beach.  I can only hope that my boys decided to find a place just as special, maybe even the one they grew up on, to raise their families when it's time.

1.  Loving caprese salads right now.  It will be even better when the tomatoes ripen.
2.  Looking for a good television show for summer.  Suggestions welcomed.

3.  Just finished reading The History of Love.  It started out slow, but in the end I really enjoyed it.

4. Do you like sweet tea or unsweetened?

5. Matt and I have started a summer blog.  We took the idea from Sarah and Anna ( can't find the link Sarah...could you send it to me?) Matt and I need something this summer.  Hopefully, this might be it.
Enjoy the week everyone!