Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Am Here...Just Doing Other Stuff!

It's only November 28th and I already feel the panic of the holiday season. Why is that? I feel as if my shopping should be completed, wrapped, tree up, food bought and cookies baked! I blame the media and the merchants....enough said. I have been busy none the less. Our playroom has been cleaned and dusted(Tim and Julie we have vacuumed all the popcorn kernels and have rid the toys from your bed!) and I just finished cleaning the oven (YUCKO)! Of course the self-cleaning part of the oven is broken! Oh and please let it freeze soon so I don't have to keep mopping the floor of muddy paw marks! Please, please, please.Within all of the daily aspects of my life I have been creating. The weather has been cold and gloomy so it has been difficult to get good light to take pictures. First up:Ry's camo scarf. Made out of acrylic yarn that I found at JoAnn's. He LOVES it! Wants me to make one for all his friends as Christmas gifts. That's not going to happen! Sorry bud!


Simple hat made out of leftovers. An old ball of brown wool with an old ball of Noro and you get a cute little hat.

Third: two scarves for my niece. She gifted me with this fluffy stuff last year for Christmas. I wasn't going to make myself anything with it so I made her these girly scarves. Sorta regifting in a new way. Maybe she won't remember she gave the yarn to me, she is only 12.

That's it for today....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite places on Earth that I am truly thankful for.
Enjoy your day everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Round-up

Some new things have come into my life lately. Granted they have been around for awhile but I'm always late to the party!
First: Dansko Shoes! Love them! Where I have been with these? Perfect mom shoes for being on the go. Stylish too!Second: I found this new magazine when I was perusing B/N for vacation reading. It's a perfect magazine for jump starting your organizing around the house.
Third: The Magic Eraser? What exactly is in this sponge? I don't want to know, but after trying many different products in attempts to get the milk off the wall (that has been there since my kids were toddlers) this did it!
Finally: My view from my porch this AM. It was pretty crappy driving today while out and about! Not sure I'm ready for this! Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Looking Back On Disney

Well we made it. I guess, all in all, we had a great time. It's just that Disney is just SO MUCH for the brain to consume. As an adult I feel overwhelmed so I can just imagine what kids must go through. I tried to watch and record as much as possible this trip and came up with a few thoughts about the whole experience.
  • I was surprised how much the boys forgot from four years ago. Matt remembered a bit more, but Ryan didn't remember a lot of his trip when he was four. Thus, proving that going to Disney with very young children is not worth it. Wait until your kids are out of strollers at least. That being said, I am glad we took the boys when they were four and six because I have pictures of them with all the characters. This go! They were way too cool for that and didn't want to wait in the lines.
  • Amazing! That's the the word I would use for the total operation of Disney World. I am in awe about the whole package. From check-in to check-out and everything in between. The whole experience is a thoroughly oiled machine. Even when there is a hick-up in some way you can see it has been planned for and practiced, so the fix can be quickly taken care of. Homeland security could take a page from Disney's book. We only saw one crabby ride operator...and man, she was having a bad day!
  • Check-in at the parks disturbed both myself and my husband. Talk about Big Brother watching. In the past, all you had to do was scan your ticket or room key through the kiosks and go through the turnstile. Now if you have an adult ticket you also have to have your index finger read on the machine. So somewhere out there is my fingerprint. We asked about this -the Disney official told us that it was a way of keeping people from going outside and handing off your card or ticket to someone else. Nice try. Think about how many people go through the turnstiles in a year! I was not impressed!
  • This visit was the year of the rides. Gone were the easy peasy rides. Space Mountain, Everest and Mission to Space were all conquered. I have to say that Everest is the best roller coaster I have been on in years. Space Mountain will never be rode again by absolutely freaked me out. The only one we didn't hit was Rockin Roller Coaster (which is my fave). The boys were just not sure of that one.
  • Take breaks! For your sanity and those around you. Plan that into your total experience. If you need to rush your visit, don't. We've all seen it at Disney, parenting at it's worst! We planned our breaks everyday and still fell into the traps of bad parenting. I think we even resorted to the "we paid a lot of money to come here..." line. Our kids weren't whinny, they just decided to beat each other up while waiting in line. Oh the joys of Disney!I guess that's it. We have memories to look back on for the next few years. I think that's how long it will take to forget the negatives and want to go again with my children. Next time they will be teenagers...I don't even want to thing about that yet!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lovely New Site

It has been a whirlwind week already and it's only Tuesday. I'm trying to get things wrapped up as we are going to visit the most famous mouse couple ever to live in Florida this weekend. But, this new site came up on my radar today and I wanted to pass it on to all of you. I met Camilla through a click here and there one day while I was wasting time on the computer. Her photography is gorgeous! I only wished I lived closer so I could have her photograph my boys. Enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Round-up

I am certainly glad that this week is almost over! The first part of the week was long on anticipation with the second part being short on patience! Some highlights of the week included:

Number 1: Not sure if this picture will due justice with the Halloween costumes. Ryan didn't wear half of his and Matt looks like a girl with his wig on( more therapy). They were Ghostbusters and would have looked really good if they wore their costumes correctly. That sounds pretty snarky coming from their mom. Oh well, it's been a long week! Fun was had, so that's all that counts!
Number 2: Tom Ashcroft is my new favorite hero. I have to listen to him through iTunes because our NPR station doesn't carry him. Two shows this week were particularly good. His interview with Tom Perrota on his new book, The Abstinence Teacher and his show on Our Toxic Environment. Both scary, scary topics in today's world. The Abstinence Teacher deals with sex ed in our schools, moral and ethical choices that are or are not taught to today's youth. Touchy subject no matter what side of the line you are on. Our Toxic Environment frightened the hell out of me. Pretty much nothing is tested in our country and not many people care that it isn't.

Number 3: The boys annual shaving cream war. As Ryan said" We have our war at home so we can concentrate on the candy in town."Have a great weekend everyone!