Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Am Here...Just Doing Other Stuff!

It's only November 28th and I already feel the panic of the holiday season. Why is that? I feel as if my shopping should be completed, wrapped, tree up, food bought and cookies baked! I blame the media and the merchants....enough said. I have been busy none the less. Our playroom has been cleaned and dusted(Tim and Julie we have vacuumed all the popcorn kernels and have rid the toys from your bed!) and I just finished cleaning the oven (YUCKO)! Of course the self-cleaning part of the oven is broken! Oh and please let it freeze soon so I don't have to keep mopping the floor of muddy paw marks! Please, please, please.Within all of the daily aspects of my life I have been creating. The weather has been cold and gloomy so it has been difficult to get good light to take pictures. First up:Ry's camo scarf. Made out of acrylic yarn that I found at JoAnn's. He LOVES it! Wants me to make one for all his friends as Christmas gifts. That's not going to happen! Sorry bud!


Simple hat made out of leftovers. An old ball of brown wool with an old ball of Noro and you get a cute little hat.

Third: two scarves for my niece. She gifted me with this fluffy stuff last year for Christmas. I wasn't going to make myself anything with it so I made her these girly scarves. Sorta regifting in a new way. Maybe she won't remember she gave the yarn to me, she is only 12.

That's it for today....


a friend to knit with said...

jane, you are too funny! come on mom! you can make camo scarfs for all of your son's friends. that won't take too long!!! (i do want to make that for my youngest! he will love it)
and i love the idea of "new regifting"....i do think she will remember that you gave her the yarn. kids have the best memory!

SockMama said...

I know what you mean. The media Christmas frenzy is much earlier this year and it already has me crazed and cranky. I need to tune out and slow down!