Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Round-up

Some new things have come into my life lately. Granted they have been around for awhile but I'm always late to the party!
First: Dansko Shoes! Love them! Where I have been with these? Perfect mom shoes for being on the go. Stylish too!Second: I found this new magazine when I was perusing B/N for vacation reading. It's a perfect magazine for jump starting your organizing around the house.
Third: The Magic Eraser? What exactly is in this sponge? I don't want to know, but after trying many different products in attempts to get the milk off the wall (that has been there since my kids were toddlers) this did it!
Finally: My view from my porch this AM. It was pretty crappy driving today while out and about! Not sure I'm ready for this! Have a nice weekend everyone!


ameliajjones said...

Oh I suspect that I may need a subscription to that magazine... I am one of the messiest people that I know...

a friend to knit with said...

LOVE your danskos jane!!
and yes, we can't live without that sponge around here! it really works miracles!
have a wonderful weekend!

SockMama said...

OOH, i'll have to look for this magazine.

I totally know and love the magic eraser as well. Isn't it amazing the grime it gets off? Just don't overdo it! I started getting old marker off of our kitchen table and took some of the finish off. Oops!

Lastly, the snowy view is beautiful. We haven't had a snow yet here, but it's looming! I can't wait.

Joslyn said...

i'm scarily addicted to that magazine jane...sad