Monday, April 23, 2012

and we are back....

Back to a routine.
Back to the books.
Back to homework.

There were ups and downs on this vacation.
Ryan had his cast off, but couldn't do any of his favorite things, thus making him a bit more miserable than usual.
But in his eyes, on the last day, he told me he had a great time.
And for that, the whole week was okay.

On the flip-side, Matt is coming out of the whole puberty thing and is again, the kind and gentle human being that I once knew.

I read two books and enjoyed eating at one of my most favorite restaurants.
I got to take a nap by the side of the pool.
I swam in the ocean and pool.
Saw the sea turtle go swimming by while we were jumping the waves.

So, another year's memories are in the books, locked away tightly until we pull them out again and laugh at all of our silly behaviors.
The first ten years at Seaside have been wonderful-here's to the next decade of fun and excitement!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

See that chair? It has my name on it.
See you later alligators!