Monday, October 31, 2011

5 things...

After the snow last week, the sun came out and I went for a drive with my camera.  We have wonderful ridges that over look the valleys that dot the landscape in our town.  The sky was a robin's egg blue and the sun glistened off the newly fallen snow.  The clashes in seasons were apparent as the lake was home to a beautiful cloud hovering right over it.
The snow has melted and we are back to Autumn, but it won't be long now before snow will be part of our everyday life.
To my Northeast friends-stay warm and I hope your lives return to normal soon.

 1.  If you look closely, you can see the sheep farmer taking pictures too.
 2.  Thinking about the holidays and how they will change this year.  Trying to stay positive.
 3.  I'm reading Olive Kitteridge and loving it.
 4.  I have one who does not want to get up this morning and I feel things are going to turn for the worse here in a second.
5.  Starting to think about paint colors for the family room.  Dark cherry floors and woodwork is everywhere.  Any suggestions?

Happy Halloween everyone.  Hope you day is a happy and safe one!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

5 things...

I went to a wedding.  This is big for us these days because we are of that age where all of our friends are married...or divorcing.  If we get invited it's usually a work related thing and the young couple has been brought up right: invite the boss and his wife, hopefully they won't attend (we always do) and get a good present.  
The other types of weddings are family weddings.  But, to tell you the truth we are in a lull in that category also.
I digress though.  We went and it was a blog wedding.  Everywhere I looked there was evidence that the bride peruses the interwebs. I even went home to get my camera, it was that blog worthy.
I thought I had more pictures...but you'll get the point.
1. Everything was handmade! The bride is an artist and specializes in woodland creatures.  Her illustrations are stunning.  She made this wedding topper with rice paper and crystallized sugar.  The theme of the wedding was Fantastic Mr. Fox.  The couple are huge Wes Anderson fans and it showed throughout the wedding.
2.  The border was drawn by the bride.  The menu was typeset by the groom who is a graphic design artist. 
 3.  See, I told you.  How many times have I seen these flowers on the web.  I still love them though.
 4.  This menu was amazing.  All hand drawn by the bride.  She has been working over two years on her wedding.
5.  There was a Fantastic Mr. Fox photo booth, complete with bandit masks.  These are Andy's aunts.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind that I posted this picture.  One is a blogger herself!

The wedding was held in the parents' backyard.  If there were thirty people there, that was a lot.  The whole ceremony was over in ten minutes.  They played their favorite music...not the trumpet song.  
As we were walking across the street to the American Legion for the wedding reception, Andy leaned over to me and said, "There's a lot to be said about simplicity."  And, he was truly correct.  Simple is better and it showed in this young couple.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A PSA....

If you left a comment and don't see it, it's because I keep deleting them by accident.  

I bought a new mouse and the wireless connection is not all that great. 

I go to click on what I want and my cursor moves suddenly just as I click. 

Presto! Something important vanishes!

I apologize and hope to get things back in working order soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Link Love

Whoa, I've neglected this space for awhile.  October is always busy around here and this year is no exception.  November should see things calm down a bit...and the holidays will be here before you know it.  
Enjoy the links and the weekend. 
See you soon friends!

 1.  I'm saving this!  I always have a difficult time packing for myself.  Probably because I've helped three people before me and I just want it done!
 2. Love. We used to have a table like this in the kitchen. Wish I had thought of the numbers and letters.  But the boys added their own markings to it as the years went past.
 3.  I don't always enjoy her looks.  But this one I like.
 4. I just want to make these for my family!
 5.  My kind of looks!
 6.  How many of these have you read? I was a bit surprised by some of the choices.
 8.  Yes please!  Thank you very much!
 9. Really?  A dj at a baby shower?
 10.  Honey, I've got the perfect pants for you!
11.  And of course, don't forget about Sick*!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I'm currently making socks.  Boring, stockinette, socks. Last week, I was on my way out the door to hockey practice and realized I needed something to keep me busy and away from all the hockey drama.  I'm not even sure what kind of sock yarn it is, having lost it's ball band long ago.

So, I need your help.  I want to make a cool hat for a special friend that helped me out this weekend while I was away in New York City.  She had to watch Matt and his friend, and two others.  But the real gift that she helped me with was to get Matt to his team bus by 5 AM.  This woman deserves a whole sweater for having this thrown upon her.
She's a funky, down-to-earth sorta gal.  I'm thinking berets are out and beanies are in.
Any suggestions?  What are your favorite hat patterns?

Enjoy the colors! I missed the blue sky and orange leaves this weekend, but was thankful I could wear shorts and tee-shirts while in the city.  

 This is the real color!  No saturation or vibrance touch-ups at all!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm over at Sick* today

I'm over here today....come take a look.

Monday, October 3, 2011

5 things

I don't have a lot to say today.  We are waiting to hear about hockey try-outs and we are all on pins and needles.  Ryan was gracious enough to sit for five minutes and let me try different poses on him.  Sometimes I get really lucky.'s October and we are in the swing of things. Thinking about all sorts of things including:

1.  Going on a fun trip this long weekend.
2. A new recipe that we tried and everyone ate.
3.  Switching to red wine...because it's cold outside.
4.  Loving watching crime shows with Matt.
5.  trying to appreciate the little things and not get upset by the big (this is a hard one for me.)
Enjoy the week everyone.