Friday, September 28, 2007

Food Sites

Photo from Simply Recipes
As Autumn tries to make an appearance in the Northeast, the foodie in me has kicked in. Two sites that I love to read are Simply Recipes and Baking Bites. The great pictures invite me to try new things or revisit old recipes that I love. Check them out and make something new!
I would love to welcome my new readers in the Dallas area. Having you read my site has doubled my hits. I think I have about eight regular visitors at this point. Hi Tim, Julie and Joslyn!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I Love New York!

I am so glad I'm home! I'm exhausted! I had a great day and two nights in NYC! Just what was needed to recharge the old batteries! Since I only had a day, I had to move fast. Tuesday evening we ate dinner at Mesa Grill. Bobby Flay (Food Network) is the owner. Outstanding southwestern dinner! Wednesday was shopping day! I went many places in a short amount of time. I like to go to places that are unique to NY but then ended up at MACY'S. This was a no museum-all shopping day for me! In the evening we ate at CRU. I would highly recommend this restaurant if you have a very special occasion to celebrate. We didn't, unless you count "Mommy's away from the kids" a special occasion! Had a great time it's time to go knit all the yarn I bought!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Jaywalker socks
Size 1 DP
I think Lorna's Laces but not sure...sorry!
These are for my mom and they took forever to knit! I'm not sure why, it might have been the colorway.
I like the way Jaywalkers look when completed but I wasn't too thrilled with the pattern. Not sure what it was and I'm sure I probably angered the Jaywalker people out there. Sorry! I might try it again with a different sock yarn. Who knows!
I am now in the process of knitting quick Christmas presents. Gotta run Christmas is a little more than three months away!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I think of my good friend today, who is remembering her sister,who perished in the Towers six years ago. An aspiring pastry chef/day trader.
I think of my cousin today who witnessed unspeakable sights from her conference room, as shrapnel ripped through their window and those inside received cuts and bruises from the flying objects.
I think of my husband's friend who usually works in the Towers and had a meeting next door, his wife not realizing this, and then not hearing from him until evening.
I think of my boys who were so innocent at the time and are now just coming to the realization of what happen on that horror of all days.
I think, I remember. so we never forget.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Living in a Fishbowl

My husband and I have discussed many times our rental options in the Adirondacks. First of all I have to mention that we could kick ourselves for not taking a risk nine years ago by opening our wallets and buying a place. After 9/11, the prices of the camps sky-rocketed and they are pretty much untouchable.
So, the house that we rent is really pretty nice. It can sleep twelve, has a washer/dryer, pool table etc... It certainly isn't a roughing it trip! However, it does have one major drawback. The house sits in the middle of several small cabins..on a small hill. So we feel as if we are the lord and lady looking down on all of of our serfs. Everybody knows what you are doing and essentially we have zero privacy.
Since we have been returning to the same place each year we have gotten to know all the other people that return. Our children have grown together and now are pretty much self-sufficient. We would really like to rent a different house that is a lot more private, yet as our children approach those delicate middle years it would be nice to have other kids to spend time with. I guess we will see what happens. Maybe I should just go buy a lottery ticket and hope for the best!
The first week of school was a success! Both boys love their teachers and are off to a great start. I always get a bit sentimental this time of year. I miss that first week of school when everyone is on their best behavior and you have eager eyes in front of you. I am really toying with the idea of going back, but I am not sure if everyone is ready to accept the change in lifestyle that would entail. I will have to ponder on that some more. It has been tremendously dry in this area so my perennials have died off earlier that usual. I am hoping for some rain so I can split and transfer some overgrown plants before the winter months.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We Made It!

Another vacation on the books. They seem to be getting easier and easier as time goes by. We have been going to the same house for the last nine summers. Same people rent around us. Same kids as the year before. This year it was simple. The boys hopped out of the car, ran their things to their bedrooms, threw on their bathing suits and immediately joined the gang of middle schoolers. Ryan was the youngest, but by far, the most sought after. All this camaraderie left me time to read and knit.
The weather decided to cooperate this year, and we probably had the best weather we have ever had this late in the summer season. Just picture perfect!
We towed our boat to the lake for the first time and had a grand time playing. The boys tubed daily and Matt was able to get in a good deal of water skiing. Ry had a wicked fall so is a bit hesitant to try again. The boat was used primarily for daily fishing treks to a nearby lake. Again, leaving more time to read and knit!
My birthday was celebrate and my wish came true. Hubby was good and listened to me. After seeing all the beautiful macro shots out there on Flickr I was sold on this lens. Not only do my flowers look better, the shots I am getting of the boys are fantastic! Love it!
The week started out at my friend's house across where we rent. They have a huge boulder out on their lakefront that is a must to jump off. I set my camera on Sport and shot away. More pictures will follow. Lighting wasn't the greatest that day though!
All and all we had a great time. We are rethinking about renting where we do, but that's for another post. Knitting soon...I promise!