Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Round-up

I am certainly glad that this week is almost over! The first part of the week was long on anticipation with the second part being short on patience! Some highlights of the week included:

Number 1: Not sure if this picture will due justice with the Halloween costumes. Ryan didn't wear half of his and Matt looks like a girl with his wig on( more therapy). They were Ghostbusters and would have looked really good if they wore their costumes correctly. That sounds pretty snarky coming from their mom. Oh well, it's been a long week! Fun was had, so that's all that counts!
Number 2: Tom Ashcroft is my new favorite hero. I have to listen to him through iTunes because our NPR station doesn't carry him. Two shows this week were particularly good. His interview with Tom Perrota on his new book, The Abstinence Teacher and his show on Our Toxic Environment. Both scary, scary topics in today's world. The Abstinence Teacher deals with sex ed in our schools, moral and ethical choices that are or are not taught to today's youth. Touchy subject no matter what side of the line you are on. Our Toxic Environment frightened the hell out of me. Pretty much nothing is tested in our country and not many people care that it isn't.

Number 3: The boys annual shaving cream war. As Ryan said" We have our war at home so we can concentrate on the candy in town."Have a great weekend everyone!

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a friend to knit with said...

laughing again! both of my boys purposely dressed up as girls!
therapy? or just cross dressers?
cool shaving cream war! :)