Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Mishaps

I always say that parents practice and make mistakes on their oldest child. We ruin them and scar them for life with choices we think are correct at the time. My oldest has had enough happen to him that he will be in therapy for his entire life, due to us! That being said, I would like to share two stories that I am sure he and his therapist will be analyzing for a very long time.

Being new parents we wanted to make memories for Matt since he wouldn't remember his first Halloween, plus we were looking for that perfect Christmas card shot. My husband went out to find the biggest pumpkin he could, carved it, and decided that Matt needed to be placed inside the pumpkin and have his picture taken! Where we placed the pumpkin for prime picture-taking was on the kitchen table. Oh know where this is going. Right off the table he rolled! Thank goodness, Andy was there to catch him! I searched and searched for the picture just before his big roll, but couldn't find it. Crap! But, being first-time parents we didn't stop with the roll off the table. Oh no, we continued on and insisted that we get. the. "picture". for. the. Christmas. card! Poor Matt. I do have that picture! Even our dog looks pissed!Fast forward to second grade when Matt was obsessed with astronauts. That year we searched the Internet high and low for the perfect costume. There it was. A cool astronaut costume and it even came with its own helmet---with shield. Off we went trick-or-treating in town. Everyone was commenting on Matt's costume and how original it was! We were about halfway into the evening when Matt started to walk a little slower. Thinking he was only tired from the long day..we as parents, told him to hurry up. Slower and slower Matt continued to walk until someone, NOT US, looked at him and noticed that he didn't look too good. Being clueless parents, we didn't notice that Matt had slowly begun to pass out on his exhaled breath. We whipped off this helmet and in no time he felt better. This year they will be Ghostbusters...although they were talking this morning that they might change to something scary. Who knows what tonight will bring. Hopefully not more stories for the therapist. Happy Halloween everyone!


Joslyn said...

i'm literally laughing out know i've already started saving for Audrey's therapy. poor kids.

a friend to knit with said...

oh yeah, i hear you about those poor first borns.....have the same thing going over here! :)