Thursday, October 18, 2007

Catch You On the Flipside!

After months and months of preparation we are ready to go. All that is left, is to sell 8K of handbags in two hours. Our goal is to make half of the retail! It's all up to the bidders at this point.As I am always late to the party, I discovered another new site called Parent Hacks. I guess it has been around for awhile. Who knew? It has great tips for parents from parents.
Lastly, another view down our road. Not too spectacular this year due to the warm weather. The boys are still wearing shorts to school. It's October 18th people! We usually have had snow by this time!


a friend to knit with said...

good luck jane!
sure hope you all meet your goal.

yep, my kids in shorts too...crazy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jane, hoping you get everything you hope for (and more!). Weather is crazy, but it's been so gorgeous it is hard to complain.

Good luck!