Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

I wish I had some wonderful advice about how to "go green." or simplify your life or all the other environmental topics I have seen out in Blogland today. The only thing I can speak to is how thankful I feel to live in a part of the country where green areas are all around us. It's a hot topic in our community as of late as the suburbs continue their creep toward our rural community. It has divided neighbors and more people have come out to vote in town and village elections. It is a topic worth discussing. My husband and I have made choices that have affected promotions and incomes to stay and raise our children in our little area of the world. For now, we think we have made the right choice. And hey, where else can you buy any size pumpkin for a buck!?

1 comment:

Joslyn said...

i think you guys made a good choice too jane! i'd move to your neck of the woods in a nano-second!