Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Cooperstown. Just say the word and a baseball fan will perk up his ears! It's the place where the true diehards of baseball dream to visit and that's exactly what we did on Monday. The thing is, Cooperstown isn't half a country away from us. We didn't plan our vacation around the visit. In fact, it's an hour and half drive from our home. It was our boys third trip and my fifth. Let's just say, the men can go on their own the next time. Cooperstown is a beautiful little village. The houses are immaculate, as are the gardens. You drive in thinking that maybe you might be able to get a little shopping done while the guys are looking at the umpteenth baseball that flew over the Green Monster at Fenway. Wrong! Every shop in the entire village is devoted to baseball. Oh, I'm sure I missed some small gift store, so I apologize to those who live in Cooperstown. But, I think to myself every time I'm there about that poor mother that forgot to buy a birthday gift...where exactly does she go in a moment's notice?Anyway, we did have fun and the old hubby took off from work so that was a nice addition. I didn't get too many good pictures because it was a gloomy day! And baseball is fun in October! GO RED SOX!

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