Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random iphone pictures

Did you ever pick up your phone and wonder who's been playing with it? The other day I was waiting yet again and clicked onto my pictures to find some new wallpaper and found these. First up: Me driving in crappy weather yet again. I was probably trying to concentrate and yelling at the boys to put the new iphone down so it wouldn't drop in the slush that collects on the back floor mats.

Then there were the fish at the dentist's office. Lovely!

Hi Brandon! This is Ryan's good friend at the hockey rink. Taken by Ryan, of course!

Beautiful snow pictures taken on the way to another hockey game...I think the sun was just coming up and we had been driving for an hour already.
And then I found these. Me knitting...this one's okay. Look I'm even wearing a handknit scarf. Sorta clashes...but what the heck it's the hockey rink.
Then me again! Same color sweater...different style. I didn't realize until I saw these pictures that I wear this color so often. Forgot my glasses that night so I'm stretching my arms out to see the stitches.
But then there's this one! I'm wondering (and betting that the answer is yes) if this is the way I present myself for the world to see each evening at the hockey rink. Tired and waiting...waiting...waiting for the season to end!


TD wool design said...

wow...boys and the fun they have!
love all your sweaters, by the way. but i can't imagine early hockey times - weekend after long weekend! bless you mom.

Lisa said...

You do look really tired in the last photo - I think you should stick to the brighter colored sweaters.

Last fall my 4 kids were in soccer and I had a particular knitting project I only worked on during soccer practices and it made me look forward to sitting around waiting for them to be done.

It was also nice to get compliments on my work as the season progressed.

Jane said...

Hi lisa- yep I was tired,,I think this picture was taken on a Sunday afternoon after sitting at the ice rink for two days watching a tournment. It was time to go home!

lucky knitter said...

I find random pictures on my phone too! I think it is sweet. That color looks so nice on you - that's why you wear it a lot :)

For some reason I don't get your feed from bloglines - hmmm.

MadMad said...

HA! I was going to say Brandon looks exactly how I feel about hockey rinks... and then I saw your picture, and it WAY BETTER captures how I feel about hockey rinks! Hahahaha!

Holli said...

OMG - these are killing me!

t does wool said...

oh,how tired you look,I can relate. I haven't used my iphone for ages...