Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yay! Siobhan!

Hope you all get out to see the movie New In Town. Our friend Siobhan plays a supporting role in the movie. You've seen her as the bus driver in Forest Gump, the farmer's wife in Men In Black and the mom in Holes, just to name a few. Tonight, family and friends get to see a private screening. Hopefully the snow will stop soon so I don't have to drive through a blizzard to help Siobhan celebrate her latest accomplishment.

She stopped at our local TV station to do a promo. She is hysterically funny in person! She comes home every summer so her kids can get out of the city. We never talk about her acting, giving her the privacy that she needs, yet we all are dying to ask about certain people.
What I like best about Siobhan is that she's a great mom first before anything else. She picks her roles, so her kids can be proud of her and has turned many down because of the sleaziness of it all. She admits that she probably could have made a lot more money had she compromised her morals and values. Well done Siobhan! I'm looking forward to this evening!
Added later: Okay..I know the reviews are really bad, but please support my friend. Tough break for her...but she really is a good actress.


MadMad said...

Oh, how exciting! She sounds like a great person! Can't wait to see the movie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I just wanted to mention there was an article about her in this AM paper. Did you see it? I love your blog. I am in Oswego. I am assuming you are in Syracuse or Caz. area. Correct?
What are your favorite yarn shops?


lucky knitter said...

Oh, how fun. I'm definitely going to see that movie. I like Renee Zellwegger. Holes was one of my favorite movies.

Jane said...

Hi Angie,

so sorry it took me forever to get back here. I love Sheep Thrills the most. But when in a bind I end up at A Yarn for All Seasons. The yarn/quilt shop down the street from Sheep Thrills has great stuff, but the people are really crabby so I tend not to give them much business. Hope all is well in snowy Oswego. Thanks for stopping by!