Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Round-up

I'm here! Just busy hibernating! Attacking things around the house that have needed attacking for a very long time.

The sun finally came out this week, forcing me to dust.

Not sure when everyone thought that I was their maid, but things always need to be placed back in their spot.

With the sun, came extremely cold temperatures. That meant no walks outside, so now I have one bored and angry dog.

During hibernation I decided to make bread. It's time consuming, but so worth the wait. I can honestly say that I am amazed that I made this creation. Even my boys were flabbergasted!
I am knitting, but on small things: a pair of socks and a set of toasts which will be sent to my little sister in chilly NYC.
Speaking of NYC, I would like "Sully" as my personal pilot from now on. What a hero! I said to my husband that all the men standing on the wing looked like him. They were all dressed in my husband's standard work attire of grey pants and either a white or blue shirt. Today we found out that they were indeed from the same company that my husband works for. After years of spending time with them, I can even spot an auditor standing on an airplane wing in the middle of the Hudson River. Joking aside, I'm so glad everyone is safe.
Have a good weekend to all of you and stay warm!


t does wool said...

you keep warm too,Jane. that bread looks awesome!!

TD wool design said...

happy weekend, good luck boys! and safe travel.

Lisa said...

That is really good looking bread. Have you tried Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day?

Good bread fast - what's not to like?

lucky knitter said...

Your dog looks so cute. The pilot did an amazing job landing that plane so quickly. And the bread - I have to make some. Yum.

Sandy said...

The photos of them on the wings are just amazing, aren't they? I love seeing a happy ending story in the news like this.

Bread looks awesome. It is freezing, soup making, bread making weather here too.

MadMad said...

Oh, my dog feels the same! Poor guy hasn't made it out for a walk in so long, he probably doesn't remember how!

And that really was an incredible story, about the flight. I couldn't look at that picture of them on the wing, though - it makes my heart race. All the what ifs. Ay!

Joslyn said...

Tim made your bread saturday and it was YUM!

Holli said...

Bread looks amazing -- I'll have to give this a try (although am not sure what I'll bake it in just yet).