Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seaman's Cap

Ryan's modeling pose

Ryan's my hat kid. Ever since he was little he has worn interesting hats. Up until last year he would wear a raccoon hat to school in the winter. He always asks me to knit him up hats. So here's the latest. When he saw the picture he wasn't too thrilled with it, but my mother's intuition kicked in and I made it anyway thinking he would like it. He's happy with the results and put it right on!

We are home today in the midst of an ice/sleet/rain weather pattern. Happy Wednesday!


Seaman's Cap

size 6 and 7 needles

Paton's Classic Wool

3/4 of a skein


t does wool said...

perfect and perfect weather for it!

MadMad said...

HAHAHAHA! I clicked on the link... NO WONDER he wasn't excited! The model couldn't look less thrilled if he tried! Ryan's looks WAY better! Very cute!

lucky knitter said...

How did I miss this. It looks great, and I like his pose for the picture.

Jessica said...

It looks like I need to knit one of these up while it is still freezing here!