Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 things

Try as I might to post three days a week, I just can't seem to get here.  I've been working hard to stick with a list each day and  not to stray far from it.  Cutting computer time is a major component of making the list work.  Maybe if I add blogging as one of my things to do, I might make it here more often.
 1.  I painted my nails the other day.  For some reason this fascinates my youngest.  
 2.  No, this isn't "occupy upperpond." It's the boys' treehouse, built with their own hands.  It looks a little shabby now that the leaves are down.
 3.  Another warm day for November.  I'll take it!
 4.  Christmas shopping has started.  Sticking to a list this year and trying to avoid trips to the mall.
5.  The cross country dinner was held on Monday.  Matt received his first Varsity letter.  He was pretty excited about the whole event.  I remember the first time I received mine.  I was glad to see that they still hand them out.  A wonderful tradition for any athlete.

enjoy your week everyone!


MadMad said...

Occupy Upperpond! HA! Too funny!

From All Stitched Up said...

Congratulations on the Varsity letter. I too am missing posting. I'm just way in over my head.

rosemary said...

Your Chocolate Marble cake is in the oven right now making the house smell great on this wet, windy, Wednesday night!
I had a netbook in which I would do my blogging from , but after we returned from Ontario it hasn't worked at all. Trying to get access to the computer is just too tricky sometimes with kids homework, kids game time, and husband's turn. By the time the computer is free I'm ready for bed. Maybe I should just reserve a time for me!!
A Varsity Letter sounds exciting...we don't have Varsity Letters here...is it a post season award?
The kids are looking forward to the Marble Cake tomorrow...have a good week!

Andi said...

I have felt like I am slacking in the posting department as well. This time of year seems like there is so much to do. Love the nail polish! Yeah Matt on his Varsity letter, it is indeed an awesome tradition.