Monday, March 7, 2011

5 things...

Wow! What an amazing, action packed weekend! The boys both had hockey tournaments to end their year. Matt's team went farther than they thought possible and lost in the semi-finals. Ryan's team fought hard in each and every game which also landed the team in the semi-finals. Unfortunatly, they lost in overtime 2-1. It was a great experience for both boys and memories were made which will last a lifetime.
1. We woke today, to find that Mother Nature has a very sick sense of humor. Approximately two feet of snow was dumped on us last night. My back is sore and I'm crabby. The sun came out this afternoon which helps a bit.
2. I spent the last four days with Matt. It was great fun and not one conflict occurred. We talked and laughed and ate every meal out. It was wonderful.
3. I'm thinking about paint colors for our family room. Maybe a grey or gold. It's hard to pick because I have dark cherry woodwork and floors. What's your favorite color? Suggestions?
4. I need to figure out what to have for dinner...but I'm procrastinating here in this space.
5. Maybe I'll go read for a bit and it might come to me.
Enjoy the week everyone.


Camilla~ Bloom said...

I really love your images Jane...sounds like a packed weekend. I remember Rhinebeck we even used to have these ice-snowstorms late into April...(like that was supposed to be a mood lifter, sorry)
It's still winter in Montucky and I am "buttermilk blue" the thought of wearing a bikini is daunting.
Have a great week - enjoy the sun( and the snow)

MadMad said...

Great pics, as always! So sorry to hear about the snow... I was thinking of you and wondering if you'd taken that 2-foot hit. We are JUST finishing the meltdown (there's still a little left here and there) and I don't think I could weather (heh) another blast.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

There are so many beautiful greys. I guess you won't really be sure until you paint some test stripes in the room. Enjoy choosing. Dinner? Maybe just give yourself a break tonight and order pizza : )

Nancy said...

Congrats to both boys on their great hockey season!

That photo of the dog is soooo cute.

I just can't believe that unbelievable quantity of snow. We were inundated last winter, but this time around, we didn't get very much. (I should be careful speaking in past tense!)

ColorSlut said...

Ah - puppy needs kisses!!!!!

Kristyn Knits said...

Your weekend images are wonderful! Congratulations to the boys for the great season and to you for making it through! I'm sure you've driven many miles for all that ice time.

Cecilia said...

wall color: taupe