Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hold on to your hats and have a seat! People, we have actual knitting content here at Upper Pond!
One of my goals for 2012 is to knit from the stash.  I have some good yarns sitting under my bed that need to be made into some goodness! Plus, I have items that have been sitting in my to-do basket just begging me to finish them.  Two out of the three finished items were knit from the stash!  I think I'm off to a good start!
 The brown hoodie is finally completed!
You might remember Matt's green one just like it.
 Ryan has worn it non-stop! So much so, that it's all ready pilling.  He loves it and that makes me a happy mom!
 I used Cascade 220 superwash.  It was the first time I used a superwash on a sweater this size.  I won't lie and tell you I wasn't a bit nervous to throw into the washer...but I did and it came out super soft and fluffy!
 Next up: Norby by Jared Flood.
I love, love, love this hat.  
Usually, I can't say that about the hats I knit.  
I did discover that I'm a fan of the slouchy hat!  
 This one was knit from the stash.  A couple of skeins of alpaca that I picked up at an alpaca farm around here!  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It's more blue than brown.  My photographer had to take this before he went to school and the lighting was poor.
It still needs another tassel and maybe a light blocking. But, in my book, it's done!
 Lastly, I started these socks in October.  Right when hockey season started.  It fell into the typical one-sock-syndrome and sat in the basket for awhile.  
I'm really not fond of the color and have no idea why I bought this colorway.
Matt told me they look like a snake print. 
They are however, really soft.  I lost the ballband (of course I did) and I think there might be some silk in these babies!
I did manage to make a ruffle scarf out of Kid's Silk Haze Creation.  I have never jumped on the ruffle bandwagon before, and really don't intend to ever again.  The scarf looks like a big boa and probably will look lovely with a LBD.  But, at the moment I don't anticipate any parties where LBDesses will be worn.
Due to some quirky ordering, I ended up with another skein of KSHC.  The color is black and I will never use it.  SO, if you want it, leave a comment, tell me what you are knitting and I'll throw all the names in a hat and pick a winner.  You just might end up with a special surprise thrown in!
I will close the contest next Wednesday, March 8th!

So what's next? I have another pair of socks to finish up, which I started in the 2010 hockey season and a sweater that I started in 2010.  Both items, I'm looking forward to picking up again.  I love the sweater and have since realized how to interpret the instructions on which I was stuck! It only took two years to wrap my head around it, but I finally got it!

If you need any additional details, stop on over at Ravelry and you will find all that you need to know!
Happy knitting!


Renee said...

Fabulous knits! kids wearing knits until they pill is a great!

Your hat and socks are divine!
....oh so would enjoy rehoming the KHSC :-)

Rachel said...

So many cool things. Congrats on making a fabulous sweater that the boy loves! That's impressive! And I LOVE that hat. It's on my 'to do sooner rather than later' list!

Two questions: What is LBD? And have you considered over-dyeing the socks? (I'm learning about dyeing from a friend so act like I know more than I do!).

I would love to have a chance at that skein of yarn. I want to reproduce a scarf I saw at a local side was black and one side grey but I've been having a hard time deciding what to buy. I bet I could make this skein work if I got it! ;) And in answer to your question...I'm currently knitting a super secret project in conjunction with another knitter for a mutual friend!

RW said...

Knitting a pair of socks is on my list of things to do... but, I tell you this is probably not the year.

sarah said...

nice work! love that hat! I've fav'd it at ravelry. maybe for me even!
I'm having an urge to knit with some wool/alpaca but am stash busting as well. finishing another sweater very soon.

house on hill road said...

it all looks fantastic, jane! and don't you love the feeling of working from the stash?

Tracey said...

I'm knitting on socks as well (loving the yarn, fibernymph dye works, and colorway strawberry lemonade. Ah summer!)

Holli said...

Wow, Jane! Gorgeous knits. And I'm impressed you're sticking to your resolution to knit with yarn from the stash. How fun!

These days I'm working on cabled sweater for an 18 month old. It's gray and soft and really intricate to work. Sometimes a challenge is FUN!

Ellen Marie said...

I love the hat! I might have to invest in the pattern myself. I am also trying to make this year's goal to finish several projects I started last year (and one from 5 years ago!) Good luck to both of us. Even though I'm trying to chip away at my stash pile I'd love to win that black yarn. Please add my name to your hat :)

ColorSlut said...

KNITTING! So exciting. And perfect for the end of the winter. The hat is my favorite but what cozy socks those are too!

From All Stitched Up said...

Great! I was thinking knitting sweaters for big boys is quite and accomplishment! That's a lot of knitting. Congrats on finishing some of your stash.

Kathy said...

Great projects, Jane!! I'm now thinkig that my son might like a hoodie as well -- he lives in his hooded sweatshirts!

free range chick said...

The hoodie looks fabby Jane. Wow you really have been busy- nice!!

amy said...

especially love the hat!

kristina said...

Oh wow! Very impressed.

And trying sooo hard to knit from the stash here too!

K x

Andi said...

Wow, when you post about knitting, you post about knitting! I love eveything.
I have been eying the Norby pattern, you may have pushed me over the edge. Now go finish those socks, I can't wait to see them. :)
I think I would make a boa scarf as well. The girls at work have been wearing them and they are a great way to dress up a simple T.