Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 things...

Holy cow!  I've tried at least a dozen times to get here to write.  Each time, some interruption has occurred that needed my immediate (or at least they thought it did) response.
Finally, I have a few moments to catch my breath before I have to tackle the next hurdle.
I'm amazed that it's March already!  It seems like we were just making New Year resolutions!  None of which I've kept so far....
We are in week two of Lent.  I chose to give up chocolate and alcohol.  I'm not a huge drinker,maybe a glass a wine in the evening,  but wanted to do a cleanse/eat healthy thing since we will be heading away on our beach vacation soon.
I have to say it's one of the most difficult things I've ever taken on.  I can't believe how much my body "wants" the sip of wine in the evening, even when my head is saying no. This week it's a little easier as the chocolate/alcohol wanting has subsided a bit.  I find that I really need to stay occupied while preparing dinner, as  that's when I crave it the most. I'm hoping we won't be invited anywhere where I will be put to the test in a social situation...I think I'll just stay home for the next thirty days!
 1.  Ryan got his long leg cast off today and had it replaced with a cast to his knee. Another three weeks in this one and then hopefully, he will be healed!
 2.  Baseball has started for Matt.  Thankfully, this season is a bit less intense.
 3.  I've been staying home more due to the gas prices. Who knew there was so much to be done around here!
4. I am now reading Emily, Alone.  It's a character study of an older woman in her 80's.  My mom recommended it to me.  It's incredibly sad in parts, yet in other sections I find myself laughing and picturing my mom (she's only in her early 70's) and her friends.
5.  I'm looking forward to watching Justified tonight.  I'm just at the beginning and have heard good reviews.  
The mid-season new shows are starting to show up.  Are there any that you are interested in?

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


ColorSlut said...

We have been really into Justified this season. Have you read any of the books that that show is based on??

free range chick said...

What no wine, no chocolate!
What is there to live for????!

Lovely image you Jane fun to see.
So my favorite shows right now are "unique sweets" food chanel and I am loving the Joan and Melissa Rivers show on we tv - she just cracks me up.

MadMad said...

Psyched to try the book AND the new show - we're always looking for something to watch together, and this looks like it might fit the bill!

Rachel said...

Thanks for both the book rec and the show rec ... hadn't heard of either. I would assume baseball is a little less intense than hockey!!!

RW said...

we are watching sons of anarchy right now. it is a tad brutal but, compelling.