Friday, March 16, 2012

Link love...

The boys were off from school again today.  What's up with that?  We just had a useless February break, last week we had a half day and today was a staff development day. Spring break is right around the corner too!  
Because of no school, we had a lazy start to the day.  The sun is finally coming out this afternoon and it looks to be warm and sunny for the weekend.  
My perennials are a month ahead of schedule and my lilac bush is budding.
Strange stuff!
Tomorrow is a knitting retreat.  I'm only going for the shopping, but hope to buy myself a treat.
Spring cleaning will continue as will baseball tryouts.  Tomorrow we find out if Matt has made the team.
Send good thoughts his way if you could.
Enjoy your weekend and the links.  So much good stuff out there lately!
Found this cute etsy shop on Free Range Chick's treasury on etsy.  I would love one of those aprons! 
 Back in October I provided a photobooth for the seventh grade dance.  It was a blast.  I wish I had some of these tips before setting out on the endeavor.  I will probably be called upon to do it again and this time I will be an expert!
 The ginger cookies pictured here were made from a recipe off this app.  I've made a few things from here and have had great success.  These ginger cookies are to die for! Needless to say, they are gone!
 More food.  This time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  This looks delicious and so much easier than cooking corned beef all day!
Need something to do this weekend?  Checkout all the free printables here!  So much good stuff!



free range chick said...

Those cookies look delish Jane,need to bake this weekend. Have fun at the knitting retreat!

kristina said...

Sending good thoughts re the team. Those cookies look amazing! And I agree the sandwich looks pretty delish too. K x

Andi said...

I hope you picked up some goodies at the knitting retreat. Can't wait to see them.
Love all the links. That etsy store is super cute!

RW said...

Thinking positive thoughts for the baseball.
Thanks for the links.
We have sunshine and birds singing this morning. I dare hope it shall be spring.

Rachel said...

Every one of these links is great! I need an apron (never thought I would wear one!) and those are so cool. I keep putting off buying any cuz I think to easy would it be to sew one myself? But then never do it!

mmmm...cookies...mmmm...reuben panini!