Saturday, March 31, 2012

Link love...

You know that feeling when you think your day is just going along wonderfully yet you have that nagging feeling that something is about to happen that might not set you in a good mood?  You know what I'm talking about don't you?  Well, that was my evening yesterday.  I was sitting watching Matt play baseball in the bright, yet freezing late afternoon sun.  Ryan was at the pier fishing with his friends and all was good.  
Later, when I got home I received the phone call...."mom, can you come get me?  I fell in the lake!"
At first I thought it was some sort of April Fool's joke.  He's a kidder like that! But, then I realized that this was no joke.  
Long story short.  He was able to get a temporary cast on until Monday, where he will then have to go back and get a new one for one more week.
His friend jumped in to help him get out.
No, he wasn't over his head.
Yes, he said the water took his breath away.
The phone he NEVER carries, got wet...because yesterday was the day he decided to bring it with him.
I've lost count with how many phones he has gone through.
I'm thankful there was no ice in the lake.
Today was calmer.
Onward to the links....
 Not sure I could ever pull this outfit off, but I do like it!
 These look yummy and fun to make!
 I'm always on the lookout for quick and easy crafts to make with older kids.  This one looks like it might fit the bill.
 I can't remember if I've shared this blog with you yet.  If so, I apologize. The author writes about the everyday stuff and makes us laugh in the process. It's worth reading.
And lastly, for all of you with insomnia (and I know there are plenty because I see you when I'm up in the middle of the night)  a fun online photobooth to take silly pictures of yourself in your pj's!

enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Amy said...

Strange blog post synchronism indeed!

MadMad said...

OMG! Ryan! That must have been crazy. You poor thing.

free range chick said...

Wow- Jane there is always a first- never had a kid fall in the lake...yet.I am glad he is ok.

Beautiful photos your new header, and I think those oreo cookies might just be the perfect Sunday treat.
Have a great week.

RW said...

oh dear.
I had one of those moments myself this weekend.
not a fall in the lake but, settled and knowing that some impending thing was about to happen
and it did.
I have book marked the oreo recipe. I am thinking we just may need to make those today to combat the incessant rain.

Rachel said...

Oh Jane...seems like you just can't get a break! Hopefully this didn't affect Ryan's healing time too much.

Thanks for the links as usual...will likely add that blog to the list!