Friday, March 23, 2012

Link love....

It's been a weird week.  So much good weather followed by a "snow" day where the temperature hit 80 degrees have left us a bit disheveled!  Or maybe it's just me and no one else seems to notice.
My flowers are blooming so I found myself out wandering my yard to see what I could see.
I wanted to immerse myself in some beauty as the day to day stuff seems to be pulling me down into some pretty grim trenches.  
My sons' educations have left me thinking about choices and if we are making the best ones for the boys.  I wonder, quite often,  if it would be better if I didn't know all that I do about the education process, the inner workings of a school and the injustices that I have seen occur within a school setting. Would I relax a bit more, or is this worrying just my nature (I can feel my family shaking yes at this statement)?
We will see the Hunger Games this weekend.  I'm looking forward to it as it is a book that we have all read and discussed.  It will be interesting to see how the boys interpret it.
So here's to a good weekend
And to Syracuse winning tomorrow night!
Enjoy the links!

Go SU!!

  On my to-do list this weekend.  Something quick to spruce things up around here!
A new blog to me.  I would love that little phone to put next to my bed! 
I want to buy EVERYTHING in this shop
 Okay all you out there that sew.  I want to make this.  How hard can it be?
This will be made this weekend and packed in lunches for the week.

Happy weekend everyone!


Rachel said...

That salad looks yummy...though what the heck is a mangetout?

The weather is confusing me as well...almost no snow this winter and it has snowed every day this week. Luckily my plants aren't easily fooled!

Beautiful new header image btw.

MadMad said...

The links were so great, I got distracted and forgot to come back and thank you! Gorgeous pics, too!