Wednesday, March 21, 2012

just thinking out loud....

Boy, yesterday was hard.  And to be quiet frank, the day before that wasn't much better.
I'm loving the freakishly, warm weather, but it's putting a crink into our routine.
All of a sudden, we are doing summer things and on summer mode and nothing is getting accomplished that needs to homework!
I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but we aren't use to this weather in March!  We live where the temperatures only reach the 80's in July and August...if we're lucky!
Last year, at this time we had mountains of snow. 
So, we will roll with it.  
I will enjoy my days on the porch, because I know they are numbered and it will be snowing in a few weeks.
I will try not to come down too hard on the boys with their work.
I will be comforting to Ryan as his cast sweats (6 more days!).
and will look at this global warming event as a time to get things done, for surely it is a cruel joke of Mother Nature's and we will have a blizzard next week!

What it typically looks like around here in March!
Taken a year ago.


sarah said...

i agree! this weather is causing a slow down around here too! such a distraction.
i will say though, that snow pile does nothing for me!
i bet ryan can't wait for that cast to come off. hope he takes it easy when it does!

free range chick said...

Snow or snow Jane your image of the water is just so beautiful...this whole post is.

Go sit on the porch and have a popcicle and enjoy the balmy weather...hehe.
(sorry couldn't resist)

Rose said...

As a middle school teacher, I know how hard it is to focus on school! Funny how the weather has such a profound effect on us, even with all our modern conveniences! Lovely photos!

From All Stitched Up said...

I agree with you and the boys. Lots of admiring the spring scenery around here. It's hard to get things done. I woke up this am and the bradford pear trees are almost ready to bloom - I thought that happened in April.

Kathy said...

I'm a little weirded out by the weather -- since we never really had a rough winter here (in Boston), I'm afraid it will come in April!

MadMad said...

Yeah... I'm not loving it either - I don't have the right clothes in my closet, just sweater after sweater, that, come to think of it, I never wore much at all this winter in the first place. If it makes you feel any better, though, the Californians are having OUR March. I was in LA last week and they had 16 inches of snow in the mountains, and rain rain and some more rain and 50-60 degree weather the rest of the time. I was glad to come home!

Rachel said...

I'm feeling the same way. Summers are stressful for me (with my field schedule) and the unusually warm weather is reminding that the date to leave for the field is looming. Of course, this morning, outside my window it is snowing...and that calms me.