Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 things...or camera apps.

picture taken with the Lightbox app

I've been participating in the 366 day challenge over at Flickr.  The challenge is to take a picture every.single.day for the whole year.  The theory behind the whole task is to ultimately improve your photography skills.  
I'm not sure I'm the best one for this challenge.  I succeeded two years ago with much angst.  I could.not.wait for December 31st to arrive to call it quits.  
Last year I failed.  I didn't even make it to February.
This year I'm trying again.  But, I wouldn't be successful if I didn't have my iPhone and all the cool camera apps that are now available.  Using my iPhone, I'm better able to  spontaneously catch the boys off guard.  They aren't too cool with the idea of posing for a picture anymore...sigh...
Here are a few of my favorite apps.  Some are free, others cost just a few dollars.
Let me know if you have a favorite one!

Lightbox-just discovered this one this past weekend.
Photosynth-this one is really cool.  It will take a full panoramic and stitch it together.

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