Friday, February 24, 2012

Link love...

I've meant to be here this week but everytime I sit down at the computer I hear my name being called. It's February break and the boys have been pretty bored.  Usually, they spend the entire week at the ski hill, but with the lack of snow, Ry's leg and the high incidents of accidents on the hill we have spent the week at home.  It's been a very, long week to say the least.
So, before my name is yelled again from somewhere in our house, I give you my links of the week.  

 I rarely make jam, but now I want to!
 I just love everything about this etsy seller.
 I would so love to see this exhibit.
What a camera sees.  This is a compelling documentary
And lastly, I know she must be someone of importance, but, this just doesn't do it for me.  The comments were interesting to read.  


free range chick said...

Love that ETSY shop, crisp modern design- I love ETSY, is there anything you can't find on ETSY? I even found horse tack! I had to laugh at your name being called....hehe. Happy belated Birthday to Matt (strange as if I have watched him grow up on flicker and your blog, Jane)
Have a great weekend- hopefully without having to use that umbrella! :)

Rachel said...

An interesting set of links...I especially like the police photographer. Very 'real' captures aren't they?

I hope Ryan is healing up...and you get some more minutes in peace before someone hollers your name again! ;)