Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Round-up

Thanks for all the well wishes about my return. When the boys are kicking my butt, I'll be sure to pop in and re-read all the comments, a sure way to boost my self-esteem!

Summer camps started this week with something new: Crew! And it was a success! What a workout the boys gained from this experience. They came off the lake tired, hungry and very happy. They were together each morning-no old friends, which worried me a bit, since they tend to fight when there aren't any buffers. But, they surprised me and actually got along.

Mornings provide a bit of quiet time, which I wasted away with errands and cleaning. The key word here is QUIET! So, it really didn't matter what I was doing!

My friend Joslyn of Simple Lovely has started a new blog, Raising Foodies. Go check it out. She has two little ones that have documented cases of being a bit picky with their eating habits. My boys tell a great story of one of these cases...which we have many giggles over, then I remind them that not so very long ago they were on the hot dog diet and not the champagne and caviar diet that they have discovered this summer. Anyway, she has great recipes and is honest about her trials and tribulations of raising kids on healthy foods.

Have a great weekend...and have fun!


TD wool design said...

happy weekend Jane!
glad you had that quiet time! always a help :)

a friend to knit with said...

oh yes.
camp. crew. quiet time. flowers. boys with good taste.
all so good!
have a great weekend!

t does wool said...

enjoy your weekend Jane...thanks for the lovely glimpses of your summer!

MadMad said...

Camp at the same time? Now THAT is pure genius. I got so caught up in planning my trip to France I forgot to figure out my real life, and as a result, ended up with approximately one half hour of time where both kids were away at the same time. I can't even claim to have spent it well because I was so shocked by the sudden peace and quiet I couldn't figure out what the best use of the time would be... and so frittered it away with indecision. Oh well. Story of my life...

Joslyn said...

oooh crew! so cute.
i love those boys!

Bloom Fine Art Photography said...

Crew...that looks so fun! My boys are playing soccer like crazy and swiming...they're too tired to fight.Have you been knitting latey? Have a great week.

Tara Thayer said...

Hi Jane! I've somehow missed that you've been blogging again...argh. I've got a lot of catching up to do!
Thanks for the Raising Foodies link, it looks great.
See you over at flickr :-).