Tuesday, February 17, 2015

...finding ways...

I'm not going to lie, this has been a long winter.
I've been trying to stay positive but it's been difficult.
So what have I been doing to help fight the winter doldrums.
Eating tons of greens!
I can't tell how much we love spinach around here. 

The sunrises have been spectacular, due to the sub-zero weather and the ice crystals on the trees.

Yes, I know it's out of season for most fruit.  But we are eating a lot of it and thinking of summer!

My poor leaded windows.  I fear one morning I will come downstairs and find that the glass has finally shattered from the cold.

Fires help. But I feel for the people that heat by wood.  Many are running out of the cords and cords that they ordered in the summer and fall.  What they have left is stacked under snowdrifts. And from what I hear in town, the people that sell wood are all out!

But, celebrations help!  Hockey Senior Day was this past Saturday.  Senior Day is special for every sport, but hockey parents like to do it up!  When you start driving your son/daughter around the state at a young age, the ending of it all is bittersweet. I've missed my time in the car with the boys. We had a lot of fun and spent time together every.single.weekend. 
Memories...they're something aren't they?


fjord girl said...

SO much goodness- love the last image of you all- that is wonderful. Beautiful winter scenery in your neck of the woods.
Here's to spinach!!!

a friend to knit with said...

i just can't believe matt is going to college. this has all gone sooooo fast. :(

house on hill road said...

senior night?!? so hard to believe that! xo.

Rachel said...

Oh, I feel for you guys on the eastern side of the country. Here, we are having spring in February and the lowest snowpacks in recorded history. And while the warm temperatures are nice and all, it's disorienting. And scary...I can't even imagine the fire season we are going to have if we don't get some precip soon!

Love all the ways you are combating the darkness of winter!! Here's hoping you see the sun soon!