Monday, May 14, 2007

I think it is funny that I live in a house that has been named. The people who built our house were from the South and what they lacked in knowledge of Northeast winters(and constructing a house that can withstand the winters...oh the tales I could tell) they made up for in adding charm to our home.

I fell in love with our home about a year before it was ours. On the days that my oldest would not fall asleep, I would take him for a ride around the lake in the car. Each day I would see our home sitting up away from the road and dream.

Then within three weeks, in a cold and snowy January, all pieces fell unexpectantly into our laps and the house was ours. We weren't even looking to buy a new home at that point. It was probably the one thing that my husband ever did without pondering weeks over the pros and cons.

Nine years later we are still here living in our named home!

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