Friday, October 3, 2008

At Last!

Matt's vest is finally completed. He's not a big sweater guy and asked if I would make him a vest. He's happy with is so, that makes me happy. It was great TV knitting (is anyone watching Lipstick Jungle or Fringe...i know totally opposite programs). Details are below. Off to work on the mystery sock that Through the Loops is hosting.

The studious pose!

Sirdar book 328

Secret Garden: Supersoft Aran Knits

Design F

Size 9-10

The 11-12 was huge so I went down a size...not sure what was up with my gauge

Size seven and five needles

Everyone needs an out-take


a friend to knit with said...

jane! i love it.
i can only hope my boys turn out as cute.
i am using similar colors!
love the photos, jane. and the out take is perfect.

sue said...

The vest looks great, love the tweedy yarn too. Wish my son would wear vests but he is 14 so no chance of that. Perhaps I could try and persuade my nephews too.

kim said...

The vest is great on him! What a good sport for doing the photo shoot with such enthusiasm.

t does wool said...

see,Jane...boys knits are just as fabulous!

a friend to knit with said...

okay. i may need your measurements. andrews looks huge. and of course, i am not using a pattern.
the front measures 17 inches wide.

Anonymous said...

Love the tweed. And I'm impressed your boys wear pink. Geez, I can't even get Liv to wear it.

Great vest, Jane!

Jane said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Kerstin-the wearing of the pink started at the hockey rink where all the "tough" players used pink tape on their has grown from there. My husband wears a pink button down quite a bit so that may play into it to.

Joslyn said...

he looks so handsome!

MadMad said...

OK. Have to stop chuckling about Leslie's front being 17 inches wide! I didn't know bad (knitting) things EVER happened to her! Heh heh heh (gloats evil me...) Anyway. Your vest is awesome! I make go copy for my son, even though now I've probably jinxed myself into 32 inch wide front...