Friday, April 24, 2009

New Wardrobe

Now that my husband is officially retired, I thought I might get him a new casual wardrobe. What do you think of these pants?

I could accompany him wearing these....
or just settle for my old stand-by.
Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the warm weather!
All pictures from The Satorialist.


t does wool said...

happy weekend, on the pants :]

Gigi said...

Funny! My husband hardly combs his hair -- can't even begin to imagine him in such an 'outfit', and I'm way too into comfort myself to do the high heels etc. any more.

lucky knitter said...

I think you should buy two of the purple pants just in case one needs to be washed :) (giggle)

TD wool design said...

have you asked the boys their opinion? heehee!
and you must wear her shoes!