Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 things...the end of school version!

1. Remember, last week I said I was going to take time for myself? Who was I kidding? I can't believe how busy we have been!

2. My garden needs weeding!

3. Ryan's teacher is retiring. We surprised him with a collection of thank you letters from his students. They made me cry when I read them. I ended the whole collection with this poem. He will surely be missed.

4. I want to bake, but have no time.

5. Baseball is still going.

Whew...today and tomorrow are half days. I feel like we are in slow motion, trying to finish this school year up! Thursday we sleep!


ColorSlut said...

These are the times you'll look back on though and think of all the fun!

Do you really bake in summer? It always seems too hot for that.

Sandy said...

I am so mixed about school ending! It is such a relief, but a whole new schedule is needed and by August I will be waiting for it to start again.
I can't wait to see what excitement happens this summer on your blog.

TD wool design said...

baking, weeding, sleeping...all on my list. none have be accomplished.
happy thursday to you!branc

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Jane, I plan on sleeping when I am dead.
In the meantime I plan on enjoying the busy summer- it never ends...

Beautiful images.