Monday, February 14, 2011

5 things...Valentine's Day Style

(hearts made by the boys in 2007)
Happy Valentine's Day to all! Enjoy the day and enjoy the links!

1. A few food ideas to make today special. How about pink smoothies and heart shaped biscuits?

2. Heart shaped marshmallows for your hot chocolate?

3. You might want to make this yummy cake with these wonderful roses.

4. This card is beautiful.

5. And if you have a bit of time about this fabric heart garland?

Have fun!


kristina said...

Happy Valentine's Day! K x

Jane said...

Happy Valentine's Day with lots of love!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I just love those luscious cake roses. So pretty.

MadMad said...

YUM. I love everything about that cake - even the sideways cake part - way cool. Happy V-Day! I'd write more but am distracted waiting for phone to ring with a teacher call. Again. Boy, this raising boys is tiring.

ColorSlut said...

I love the links and the heart shaped marshmellows are so perfect. Cute cards!!!

Larissa said...

Oh, my kids would love cinnamon biscuits alongside their smoothies. How cool that your guys made gifted you these valentine's plaques - love how substantial they are. I'm interested in your omega oil from the last post - is it the same as the oil supplements that adults take for heart health? I need to look this up - sounds great! Love all that you share - i often have to come to your space twice to check out all the links!

Jessica said...

I hope yours was a wonderful Valentine's day!