Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snow Day #1

Today was the first snow day of the year. We usually have about five so there will be more of these posts. The boys were wicked excited to know they didn't have to go to school...but of course they were up at the normal time and outside playing in the snow at 7:30 AM!!

We were busy most of the day. The boys are creating special presents for all of their relatives so they put some effort towards their projects today. I seemed to be multi-tasking all day.

Early in the morning I made these. The tutorial can be found here. They are super easy to make. I would have made more but I ran out of D-rings. These are going to be gifted to my friends along with something else. Since we all spend our time in the car I thought it would be a good gift.

Next we made peanut butter cookies. These aren't the boys' favorites, but I had a taste for them.

Finally, amidst all the shoveling, I sat down and worked on the alpaca scarf I am making for a gift. It is so soft to knit. Hopefully, the recipient will enjoy it, as she can be a bit picky.

If only my shopping was going as well as the other areas of the holiday season. Just can't seem to get up the energy to finish it.

1 comment:

a friend to knit with said...

oh, it sounds like the perfect snow day!! they are my favorite! (i think because i get out of packing lunches and we get to stay in our jammies!)
i LOVE those key chains! perfect gift for your friends.
and whomever is getting that scarf is soo sooo lucky! it is gorgeous!