Thursday, April 3, 2008

Simply Still Day 4

Simply Still
Day 4

We are anything but simply still around here these days. Spring cleaning has taken on a new meaning as drawers are rid of too small clothing, flower beds cleaned of the winter leaves and cupboards rearranged from winter's nesting. Many of these things can be tackled later than sooner, but when I'm on a roll I better stick with it.

Ry with his uncle
Oh and by the one can walk through the house without mentioning the beach.
The first year we made our grand excursion to Florida, Ryan was three.

Audrey, Uncle Tim and Ryan
Six years later, we have added another very special family and share wonderful times. Oh... I can't wait...can't ya tell?


Joslyn said...

oooh i can't wait. i can't belive ryan was 3!!!!! and our first year, audrey was just 3 months older than millie is now. wow.

SMF.sportychic said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!